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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Christmas In July

Different people have different ideas about what Christmas is and should be and I, of course, am no different. I could give you all kinds of things that Christmas means to me, but yesterday I realized that the term, "Christmas in July" is a reality, this year.
Every year, I dread the promise of hot weather throughout July and August. This year, however, has been a far-cry from so many past years of miserable, hot weather. This year, we've been fortunate to enjoy cool days, interspersed with an occasional touch of somewhat uncomfortable heat. Nothing could please me more than this welcome relief from what I have come to accept. I like cool weather. I like snow and the beauty that it brings. I like the way that snow covers up the flaws with her beauty.
In Summertimes past, I've noticed that tempers flare and people have a tendency to look as if life is too much for them. Not so, this year. There's a cheerfulness and upbeat attitude that I miss during those hot, sticky months.
Now that I think about it, I wonder what the whole worry is about Global Warming. If the earth is getting warmer, why are we having so many pleasantly cool days and nights? And if it is getting warmer, who says its our fault? Where was man to stop Global Warming and keep it from eliminating the dinosaurs? I wonder if anyone has considered the fact that, after every Ice Age, the earth got warmer. When this Global Warming has run its course, will we then make a mad rush to stop the Global Cooling?
I am convinced that, with or without man to help it along or hinder its progress, the earth has a job to do; live. And every living thing must go through a changing process. Global Warming and Ice Ages are merely the outer effects of those changes. Without change, nothing ever gets better and the earth is no different. It was created with change built into the basic pattern.
Yesterday was the last day of a very pleasant July; something I can't recall ever enjoying before. If this is Global Warming, I sincerely hope that no one is successful in finding a way to correct it. In fact, if I could have Christmas in July, it would include much of what this July has been; cool days, cooler nights and an occasional warm break to keep life interesting

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