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Written In Stone

     No matter where I've lived or what I've done, I've always felt that I was a writer.  I've worked at many jobs in my life, but those were all things that I did; not who I was.  Since I was very small, it has been my purpose to write about anything and everything; the slightest activity or nothing at all.

     In truth, I cannot recall a time when I didn't want to write.  I used to listen to my mama tell us stories of her own making and it seemed reasonable to me that those stories should be written in books so other children could enjoy them the way my brothers and I did.  Mama and my gramma' were naturals when it came to telling stories; fiction or non-fiction, Three Little Pigs or Bible Stories, the tales of their own making or events of the day... it didn't seem to matter what they were sharing, they brought everything to life.

     I couldn't have been more than three or four years old when I first felt the desire to be just like my gramma' an' my mama when I grew up.  'Course, I'm still growing, so I still have time to perfect those talents that I try so hard to emulate.  If and when I ever do grow up, I wanna' be just like my gramma' an' my mama.  They are two women whom I have always admired.

 ~ Yaya
A poem I wrote that my mama loved.
When she passed away, I decided
to have it engraved on her tombstone.

Whirly-Floops In the Little Red Wagon
     Taking magical flights in my Little Red Wagon is something I enjoy doing from time to time on my blog.  When I do fly, it's nice to invite alla' my friends to go with me.  Since the Little Red Wagon is magical, it is capable of doing many things, including expanding when necessary.

Flying to Saturn in my Little Red Wagon
     In this picture, I am taking a trip to Saturn and I think I just finished doing a Whirly-Floop.  What fun to travel around the universe an' see all the sights.  I hope you will join me when I take my next flight an' do Whirly-Floops.  I'm sure you would enjoy it as much as I do.

 ~ Yaya
Bats In the Belfry
     You see that picture just below here?  That was the first bat we found in our beautiful house.  Scared?  You bet!  But my good hubby-buddy took action an' invited alla' those characters to move out.  Most of 'em cooperated, but there were a few whom he had to physically evict.  mmmmmmm
Bats In the Belfry               

My House - Halloween 2009   
Haunted Halloween
     Halloween is a favorite holiday around our house, partly because it's also my good hubby-buddy's birthday.  We don't do a lot of decorating, but last year when we took pictures of our house, it was a big surprise that they came out looking like a haunted house.  Sometimes, you make your own fun.  There are those time when the fun just pushes it's way in, though.

 ~ Yaya

     I will be adding to this page in the future, so stop back an' see what else you can learn about me.

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