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Friday, December 31, 2010

Canned Resolutions

           Have you ever noticed how much fun people have at the end of the year? Of course, there are parties an' visits an' alla' that, but I think the most fun is watching how involved someone gets in making a New Year's Resolution. It seems to cause a lotta' unnecessary stress an' anxiety, to my way of thinking. I once knew someone who stressed so much over her New Year's Resolutions that it interfered with the fun she shoulda' had for Christmas. Then, after spending so much time creating her list, my friend abandoned all efforts to keep those goals by January 3rd. It seems to be a pattern that is widespread. Naturally, after witnessing so many failed attempts, I long ago decided that making New Year's Resolutions was not for me. Why plan to fail, after all?
            Well, this year I thought I'd do something a little different. Instead of planning to fail by writing goals that are impossible to keep, I was thinking that I should be more creative an' plan my actions for sure success. This year, I am sure to achieve every goal I write down. 'Course, my good hubby-buddy may not wanna' cooperate if he figures out my plan of action. But as long as you don't tell, I can hope that he will never be the wiser.
            One 'uh the things that always seems to bother my good hubby-buddy involves his perception of how I handle money. He seems to think that I'm not so good at it. Silly b-u-o-y! But what does he know, right? So, in the coming year I resolve to be more adept in this particular area. In order to do so, I plan to carry the checkbook, instead of making Hubby-Buddy do all the spending. After all, if I have no money to handle, how can he expect me to be good at it? And if I handle it a little too much, well, I'll give him back his checkbook. Good plan, eh?
             One thing I always regretted is that my gardening skills haven't yielded much in the way of a harvest. This year, I resolve to make certain that my fruit and vegetable trees yield generously. Therefore, I will incorporate help from the grocer and build fruit and vegetable trees out of cans from the store. In this way, I'll know that my trees will produce to my liking. Previous efforts have proven that garden variety foods have their own system for growing. (I'm talking to you, corn trees). In fact, I think I will only have one tree. That way, whenever I pick a can from my tree it will be something I know I will enjoy. 
            I thought of adding more resolutions, but growing a fruit an' vegetable tree out of cans from the grocery store an' trying to talk my good hubby buddy into letting me carry the checkbook sounds like a lotta' work to me. So I decided to start slow an' see how I do with this year's resolutions before attacking bigger projects.
            Though I would never admit it to my good hubby-buddy, there are other areas of my life where I could pro'lly make improvements. However, I don't wanna' overload my brain by having to worry about perceived faults. I'll work on these challenges an' next year maybe I can come up with something else. First, I'll see how successful I am at getting to carry that checkbook. Who knows? Maybe next year, I'll try my hand at building a house. It could happen. I believe in miracles.
             With this in mind, I resolve to share this information with my good hubby-buddy, but only if my goals cause problems. Naturally, if I do have problems, he  will likely give me The Look, in which case I am sure that tears will betray my hurt feelings. Then, my good hubby-buddy can resolve to fix all problems an' I can go back to life as it should be. In the end, my good hubby-buddy will be so proud of me for keeping my resolutions that he won't even mind taking care of any unfortunate results. What a guy!
            An' in the coming year I hope that all your hopes an' dreams come true. That every good desire of your heart is fulfilled an' that you will be surrounded by friends, family an' love.


            Until the next time, keep a hug on.
 ~ Yaya

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Livin' In The Ditch

     I hope you survived our most recent blizzard. 'Course, if you're reading this, chances are, you survived.  I think.  We decided to travel to the far east over the weekend.  That is, farther east than here.  We made a judgment call;  which was better; spending a frozen night in the car in a blizzard or staying the night in a nice, warm motel room?  We were rescued by a sheriff's deputy who took us to a place called Freeman; not Jailman, not Prisonman, but Freeman.  We were free to go if we wanted to, after all.  We chose to stay.  I'm sure you have it figured out which way the verdict went concerning the judgment call, right?  Just for the record, we got caught in the worst white-out I've ever seen.  'Couln't even see past the window.
      Although you prob'ly learned a long time ago that it's best not to travel in inclement weather, we're still studying that subject.  One of our sons came home to see us.  We hadda' take him to the airport a few hunnerd miles away so's he could get back home.  When we started out, things were reasonably acceptable outside.  We left early an' got our son to the airport just in time to catch his plane.  Before leaving the airport, we checked to make sure his flight would actually be happenin' an' then, we headed home.  Trouble is, the further west we went, the worse things seemed to be.  Somewhere west of Turkey Ridge, we connected with somethin' an' wound up in a ditch  (Ouch!  Further updates pending).  Thankfully, my good hubby-buddy had packed all kinds of STUFF, in case of an emergency.  For the next three hours Sheriffs from two counties searched for us.  We were finally discovered by a deputy who din't look old enough to be outta' school, much less rescuing blizzard-stranded old people.
      Our child-hero soon whisked us away to safer surroundings, where we were forced to relax, recoup an' watch Christmas movies on actual television until noon on the following day.  Since we don't have TV connection at our house, we din't really mind giving in to these demands.  A little before noon, things started happenin' rather quickly --- until we got in the car.  Then, we hadda' drive very slowly, all the way home.  But we made it.  We're here an' sooooo happy to be home.  An' jus' for curiosity's sake, I'd like to know what it is about bein' stranded in a car, in a blizzard, that makes a person consider how useful certain facilities are?

     Before I go, I'd like to apologize to ya'll.  I've been tryin' to comment on some 'uh your blogs, tryin' to Follow others an' tryin' to respond to emails.  Unfortunately, I can't seem to figure out what's goin' on with my computer.  I keep getting messages that keep me from doin' any of those things, so I do hope you will be patient with me.
     Both my good hubby-buddy an' I desperately need new computers, but we haven't figured out how to make that happen.  If any of you know of a secret computer fairy who has a couple extras, we'd sure appreciate it if you'd send 'em our way.
     In the meantime, please be patient an' know that I am tryin' my best to stay in touch with everyone.  I am able to read some 'uh your blogs an' I enjoy 'em all so much.  My computer won't lemme' go to other blogs, though.  Bear with me an' hopefully, I'll be able to get a computer that likes me.  Who knows?  Maybe Santa will show me some computer love; I doubt it, but one can always hope, can't we?
     Until the next time, keep a hug on.
     ~ Yaya

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hoppin' In the Little Red Wagon

     I was strollin' through the many halls of Bloglandia this evening (I'm a night owl; it's actually 6:45 AM) an' I came across a whole new place to play.  Well, to be really honest, I ventured over to the Scriptures 4 Kids site to have a look-see.  I like goin' there.  Look over there >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Yeah, there.  See that picture with the kid readin' the Scriptures?  That's where I ventured to.  Wanna' know why?  On accounta' I'm an editor on that site.  Cool Beans, eh?

     Now, where was I?  Oh, yeah;  strollin' through the halls of Bloglandia.  Anyway, when I checked in at the Scriptures 4 Kids site I saw several cool links, so I decided to check 'em out.  One of 'em was Green. Jello With. Carrots.  That's a cool site.  An' guess what?  They had links on their site, too.  An' one 'uh the links was The Barrel.  Also a very cool site.  I was even able to figure out how to do a Blog Hop.  How cool is that?

     What I was thinkin' is that if you all join me in this Blog Hop (we can fly together in the Little Red Wagon) we could help Lenny get 250 Followers by Christmas.  If this is your first time here, maybe you haven't met Lenny.  Lenny is eleven years old and a great blogger an' writer.  He is also an awesome critique partner.  He critiqued my picture book an' did such a great job on it that I wanna' help him get 250 Followers before Christmas day.  I hope you will jump in an' stroll on over to Lenny's World.  I know you'll enjoy it.  Lenny is an amazing guy an' I'm glad Sharon from Random Thoughts introduced us.  I hope you will all join in the Blog Hop an' also help Lenny.

     Squeeee!  My first Blog Hop!

     Until the next time, keep a hug on.

 ~ Yaya

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Are You Following Lenny?

     P'rhaps you've met my friend, Lenny?  Lenny is an amazing guy.  For one thing, I love his writing voice.  I'm not the only one, either.  There are folks who would Follow him to the ends of the earth.  I'm one of those folks.  Lenny is cooool.

     So, I read the post on Random Thoughts about the good job Lenny did critiquing Sharon Mayhew's book, A Cake I Will Bake(HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SHARON!)  In case you haven't read his critique, lemme' tell you... he did an outstanding job.  Lenny has the true heart of a writer.  His perception is Right-On an' his ability to spot flaws an' share the best ways to fix 'em is amazing.  Lenny truly is a very talented young man.  I'm so glad that Sharon introduced me to Lenny.

     Now, here's why I'm telling you about Mr. Lenny Lee.  He did such a fine job of critiquing Sharon's book that, after fighting a major Shy Attack, I finally worked up the nerve to ask him if he would consder critiquing my picture book, Tangles of Fun.  Lemme' tell you, I fretted so much over what his reaction would be.  You see, Lenny is among the greats.  Knowing what an amazing writer he is, I was sure that he was too busy to help me.  But I was wrong.  In fact, Lenny was very gracious in accepting my request.

     Naturally, after sending him my story (am I the only one who feels that my baby has left the nest when it leaves my possession?), I again began to fret.  When I received Lenny's reply, I had drug my trusty computer into the closet an' the 'puter an' I were sharing a moment, you might say.  I do not handle stress an' fretting very well.  *grin*

     I needn't have worried, though.  Lenny was very thorough an' very kind in his critique.  I won't include alla' Lenny's comments, but lemme' share with you summa' the things he said:
Tangles of Fun : critiqued for miss yaya by lenny lee

what i like
1. the title is real good and catchy.
2. its a really cute story – following (it) til you find whats at the other end is neat and exciting
2. repeating words for the search is good
3. including dad, the puppy and a the boy so its got more characters but not saying so much about them so finding what’s at the end of (it) is what keeps the story going.
4. this could be real cool for a rhyming poem to. it could be a little hard to do that
5. its real good for bright colored pictures

stuff i didnt like so much
1.  it doesn’t read smooth.
2. its kinda choppy and a little hard for reading out loud

what i think could make it better
1. its got some words and  phrases that could come out mostly at the start of sentences like “in the beginning”  “so”  “then”  “finally” “suddenly”  cause they sorta slow the story down
2. some of it could be pulled in together into just one sentence so it could be more smoother
3. i could like a little twist of words at the end
(I left summa' the critique out on accounta' it would give the story away)
(Here, Lenny wrote an example of how I could adjust the story, finishing with the following comment)

Read it out loud and you could see how taking out some stuff gets it reading lots more smooth

     I am working on my book, using Lenny's suggestions.  He's right; trying to rhyme the words is very difficult.  The thing is, the idea of rhyming it is a really good idea, so I'll keep working at it.

     Now, this is where you come in.  If you're still reading, it's because you know what a great guy Lenny is.  If I could, I would send Lenny buckets an' buckets of books an' fun things.  As I'm sure alla' you unnerstan', though, many things contribute to my inability to shower Lenny with the gifts he so much deserves.  So I'd like to ask your help.

     Today is December 5th.  We have jus' 20 day's 'til Christmas.  With your help, I think we can spread the word about what a great writer an' critique partner Lenny Lee is.  There are lotsa' people who haven't met Lenny, yet an' I'd like to introduce him to as many people in the blogging world as I can.  Will you help me?  If you think it would help, you are welcome to link to this post on your blog or in your comments.  If you don't wanna' do that, please tell as many people as you can about Lenny's awesome blog.

     I'd like to see Lenny reach 250 Followers by Christmas.  I wouldn't be surprised if he gets more with your help.  Every couple of days, from now 'til Christmas, I will make a comment about the progress on Lenny's blog.  Please join me in spreading the word for Lenny.  Let's use all the tools available to us (such as that forklift pictured above) to help Lenny reach 250 Followers.  Thank you.  I know you care for him as much as I do, so I feel sure you will help.

     Until the next time, keep a hug on.

 ~ Yaya

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Inventory In December

     Have ya' noticed? It's coming fast; December is upon us. You know what happens in December, right? Yeah; me, too --- all kindsa' fun stuff. Except for the other eleven, the month of December is one 'uh my favorite months of the year. Well, depending on the time of year, that is.
     How's come December is one 'uh my favorites? Well, jus' sit yourself down an I'll tell you summa' the things that make me look forward to this time of year. Alrighty; let's take inventory 'bout the tail-end of the year. First, of course, is the wonder of nature. Snow. I love snow. Shhhh; don't tell anyone what I jus' said on accounta' I've heard that snow isn't necessarily the favorite thing around these parts. Remember; keep it on the QT.
      Naturally, there's a reason I like the white stuff. Wanna' know why? KIDS! As far back as I can remember, wherever there was snow, there was sure to be kids. 'Course, there don't seem to be quite as many kids as when I WAS one, but some of 'em still come drifting outta' the woodwork when the flakes start falling.
     Next on my list of Can't Live Without It is that awesome feeling I get whenever I hear the sounds of Frosty, the Snowman or Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer. It's hard not to love a season that causes people to create whimsical characters; don't you agree?
     Have you ever noticed how friendly an' happy people are during the last month of the year? Oh, don't get me wrong; I think most people are friendly an' happy most of the time. But in December, it's almost as if we are all bit by the same bug; the Cupid of the holiday season, you might say. The joy is so contagious, in fact, that it might almost be considered an epidemic. Let's hope no one with authority finds the time to wrap their minds around that thought or we might hafta' find new an' creative ways to express all that happiness.
     So, by now, you're pro'lly wonderin' how I've managed to make it this far without a word about the big day. It wasn't easy, lemme' tell you. Christmas is absolutely my favorite, Favorite, FAVORITE day of the year. Nope! Nope! Not for the presents, but for what it represents. You see, it is at this time of year that funny things start happening. I like to think of it like a maple tree whose sap is spilling out at Sugaring Time.

     Look around an' see if you don't agree. You just might catch your neighbor smiling even more than usual. Or, when you aren't lookin', someone might leave a prize on your doorstep; maybe hurry to help you during a difficult time. Could be, you'll find  yourself inviting someone over for a cuppa' hot cocoa an' a chat. See what I mean? For the whole month of December an' maybe even a little longer, you're gonna' start seein' the love come pourin' outta' every person --- like a Maple Tree.
     Now, here's what you wanna' do: act real nonchalant whenever someone is near. Then, when they think you're not lookin',  jus' casually start noticing what's goin' on around you. Uh, huh! See there? Without them even knowing it, you're gonna' catch someone right in the act of bein' nice. Keep on your toes 'cause it's gonna' happen a lot more than you expect. I'd be embarrassed to have anyone mention it, but I sure hope I get caught in an unexpected act of kindness. An' you can be sure I'll be watchin' YOU. Oh, an' guess what I jus' noticed? Whilst I was writing, December jumped in.
     Until the next time, keep a hug on.
 ~ Yaya

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

White Thanksgiving


     I used to live in South Carolina; Charleston, to be exact. Beautiful city. Summa' the homes have the taste of Old-World Southern Mansion to 'em. I really liked it there, but I've liked pretty much everywhere I've ever lived. We lived there 'bout a year; maybe a little longer. Until I moved to South Dakota, Charleston was the closest thing to feelin' like home, to me. Dunno' why.

     I recall the year I was in seventh grade. From the get-go, there were surprises. I had lived previously in Maine, where snow was just  a way of life; kinda' like the Dakotas. In Maine, the snow could be ten feet deep an' life went on like always. Stores opened, kids went to school, business din't really change all that much.

     Things are different in South Carolina. In fact, I woke up one mornin', shortly before Thanksgiving an' was thrilled to see snow on the ground. I was a kid; that's what kids do. Everything was covered in that thin layer of white that, in some places, might almost seem like frost. The locals seemed to think it had snowed durin' the night. A full quarter-inch of snow had been recorded at the weather bureau.

     7:00 in the mornin' an' there was a knock on the door. Our next door neighbor was wrapped tightly in her robe, hair still showin' pillow-friendly signs an' teeth chattering. Even before we could invite her in, Mrs. LeBeau was talkin' a mile a minute. The panic in her voice was unmistakable. She din't know what to do. Should she send her son to school or keep him home? It was snowing, after all.

     I recall the difficulty that my mama had in keeping a straight face. She was a veteran driver in ALL circumstances. It took her awhile to realize that the locals were not used to driving on slippery roads. While she tried to calm our neighbor, she casually turned the radio on to listen to the weather report. Before long, we heard the news that would be the final word in calming Mrs. LeBeau; all schools would be closed until further notice, due to unsafe driving conditions. That was Monday, before Thanksgiving. It snowed again, that night an' the next. I sure wasn't complainin'; I was a kid an' school was out, unexpectedly.

     We din't hafta' return to school until the Monday following Thanksgiving. Only time I ever recall havin' a full week off for Thanksgiving. Truth be told, it was a sorry time for a vacation; we din't even have enough snow to build a miniature snowman. Sure makes me glad that I live where I do; where snow falls for real.

     Let's hope we all get a week's vacation for Thanksgiving, this year, but not for the same reason. Otherwise, we might never dig outta' the snow.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

     Until the next time, keep a hug on.
 ~ Yaya

Monday, November 22, 2010

Squatter #2 Is On The Prowl

     I don't believe it!  There is actually a second squatter in MY house.  It's true; we caught the first one, but another has made his presence known.  Not for long, though.  We will get him/her/it.  We will.

     Picture it; there's a box in my good hubby-buddy's office.  In that box are various memorbilia; treasures, if you will.  Among those treasures there is a set of dice, of no particular value, except that I made them for my good hubby-buddy for our last anniversary.  They're made of cardstock and have a poem, especially written for him.  Like I said, nuthin' special to anyone else; just us.  Now, those dice seem to be of particular interest to a certain mouse.  Why?  I couln't tell ya'.  I seriously doubt that the critter wants to pass on my gift to his beloved wife; presuming the mouse is a HE an' supposing that he has a wife, that is.  At any rate, he/she/it cannot HAVE that set of dice.  So, there!

     UPDATE!  UPDATE!  Good news; the second Squatter has been captured an' removed.  Even whilst I've been writing, the critter came out in the open an' tried to capture one 'uh the die (aka, half a  set of dice);  Right in front of my good hubby-buddy, he did!  Now, I ask you, "How smart was that?"
     Naturally, my hero was ready for 'im an' the battle was on!  BIFF!  BOP!  SOCK!  POW!  Next thing ya' know, one ornery mouse was offered to the first cat to appear.  Little Orphan Annie, our little orphan cat, was the first to the door an', guess what?  She grabbed that mouse an', even though alla' the other cats are twice her size, she din't let anybody take it from her.  You go, Annie!  Good girl.  Now, let's hope we've seen the last of any mice in our house.

     Until the next time, keep a hug on. 

 ~ Yaya

Saturday, November 20, 2010

We Have Squatters!

     Cats!  Ya' gotta' love 'em.  Here I am, with four beautiful cats; perfectly capable of livin' off the land, so to speak.  Well, there is that one cat who lost her back foot in a mowing accident (lotsa' tractors where I live), so I guess I don't have four WHOLE cats, but they are still capable little critters.  So, how's come I've got so many mice in the house, all of a sudden?

     Oh, sure; I realize that the weather is takin' a turn for the Chilly an' I'm fully aware that mice do not have thick coats to protect 'em from the cold.  Still, this is MY house an' I have NEVER invited mice to visit... much less, LIVE in MY house.  Therefore, I consider 'em to be squatters.  In the old days, or so I've heard, squatters were run off by the land owners.  Okay, minor technicality; we don't own the land.  We rent.  I'm sure, though, that there must be some kinda' renter's clause that allows us to evict squatters.  Anyway, whether there's a clause or not, I'm prepared to do damage to the intruders.  Mice are definitely NOT summa' my favorite people. An' now, it's time to say Goodbye.

     Aha!  One 'uh those intruders has taken the bait.  Haha!  He's outa' here.  Neener, neener.  An' actually, guess what?  I kinda' think he was the only squatter in the place.  There seemed to be evidence that it was the same four-legged dude who was checkin' out the whole house.  I think we've WON!  No more squatters, no more little surprises, no more questions 'bout whether we have the right to evict intruders.  That ol' boy is GONE!  Haha!

     Now, about that herd of cats who shoulda' kept the mouse away.  I think it's time to give 'em the look of, "Let's get with the picture, a'ready.  You're s'posed to be Mousers.  So MOUSE!"

     I think that should take care of it.  I'll keep you posted on the mousing situation.  In the meantime, I'm really glad to know that our biggest scoundrel is outta' commission.  Life is back to... good.  I'm a happy camper.

     Until the next time, keep a hug on.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Own Bed?!?

     When our children were small, we were much like many other young families; more month than money. Nevertheless, we were happy with our children an' we tried to enjoy every minute we could with them. Naturally, we also tried to find ways to stretch the paycheck.

     One of the ways we managed to do that was by not buying furniture. That is to say, we did have some furniture, but we were very creative in building some of those pieces we couldn't buy. Take for instance, beds. Did you know you could build bunk beds with nuthin' more than a couple of closet doors an' cans of food? True story. Similarly, there are other ways to overcome the need for furniture. In fact, we devised ways to have a dining room table with a wrap-around bench (also from cans of food), a couch from a wooden box, chairs, night stands an' several other articles that were quite comfortable,  as well as useful, under the circumstances.

     Then came the day when we hit the jackpot. In California there is somethin' called Flea Markets. They are often set up at drive-in theaters an' basically, it's kinda' like a big garage sale, with many of the sellers working from the trunks of their cars or their pickup trucks. There are also stalls with tables, of course, but the overall effect is a rummage sale party.

     We had brought our own arrangement of items to sell, including tools, crafts an' toys that the kids had outgrown. As sales tapered off, we took turns walking around with the kids, looking at what others had for sale. I discovered the perfect doll baby in a wooden cradle that I jus' knew my little girl would love (an' she did, for many years) an' my good hubby-buddy found a very nice set of bunk beds. The arrangement we had been using was for the boys to sleep on one of the makeshift bunks an' our daughter to sleep on the other one.

     With the kind help of the sellers, we managed to get the beds home an' then set up, leaving the previous arrangement intact. That's when we got the greatest shock of our lives. At three, our youngest son suddenly exclaimed, "My OWN BED?!?"

     Until that moment, we hadn't realized how important it was to him to have his own bed. I don't think I have ever appreciated a piece of furniture as much as I did at that moment. And the memory has brought me many hours of delight.

     Until the next time, keep a hug on.

 ~ Yaya

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Crafter's Dream

     Have you noticed how the weather seems to be changing?  Gettin' kinda' chilly?  Seems Ol' Man Winter is waitin' in the sidelines, jus' so's we get to experience another one 'uh those lovely seasonal thingys.  Personally, although Winter is my favorite time of the year, I was okay with havin' really awesome weather, ya' know?  I mean, the 50 an' 60 degree days were actually workin' in with alla' the different things I wanted to accomplish.

     We went to see summa' our kids an' brought back a whole lotta' shelves an' furniture an' stuff they were gettin' rid of an' I am so thrilled.  See, with alla' those shelves an' such, I'm gonna' actually be able to have an absolutely AMAZING crafting area in the garage.  I can hardly wait.  'Course, if there's snow an cold an' alla' that other fun stuff, I might not be as willing to go out an' actually USE my new crafting area.  Somethin' tells me that I'm gonna' be very willing to stay indoors an' hold the fort down.  Besides, if we're warming the house, it seems silly for me to let alla' that warmth jus' sit inside, all alone.  Right?  There's nuthin' quite so lonely as an empty office that's all warmed up an' left on it's own.  No, I think I'm gonna' needa' stay inside an' keep the warm air company.  Sounds reasonable, don'tcha' think?  LOL

     So, do any of you have some great suggestions for how best to arrange my, mostly shelves, craft area?  I have a clean slate, here an' I'd like to make it awesome.  Aside from the fact that it's gonna' be cold out there (I can actually live with that, I think), I'm hoping to have a little corner of the world that is mine.  Oh, yeah; an' my good hubby-buddy says you shouln't even bother suggesting I get rid of any of HIS stuff.  Silly b-u-o-y.  Any ideas for makin' it workable would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks, heaps.

     Until the next time, keep a hug on.

 ~ Yaya

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Cat Food Calamity

     You've heard the term, "Plop!  Plop!  Fizz, fizz," haven't you?  Well, that's about how I felt on the morning of my last blog post.  Remember?  That was the day I told you that I was not fond of the taste of cat food.  As a matter of fact an' after much consideration, I can truly say that I hope I never hafta' eat anything that tastes that bad, ever again.  Bleh!

     Picture, if you can, my cheerful demeanor as I stepped from my kitchen door onto the porch.  Snow had fallen the night before; the first snow of the season.  It was beautiful.  So clean an' pure.  It actually took my breath away… about one second before my feet flew up an' I did a full Body-Slam, with my face buried in cat food.

     I waited, knowing that my good hubby-buddy was watching for me to return.  As I lay on my stomach, I was certain that my hero would rescue me.  Any day, now.  This week, or next.  I was patient… more or less.  That is, until my next thought.

     "What if he came outside, too, an' we both wound up in the cat food?  Would we even be able to stand up?  I doubted it.  I began putting more effort into liberating myself from my predicament.  Believe me, it was not easy.  Between the slippery snow an' a reluctant body, jus' gettin' to my knees was a challenge.  Never mind, actually standing upright.

     So, there I was, with the latest version of 'Egg On My Face' (Yuck!) an' my arms wrapped around the railing of the porch… TRAPPED!  Whilst I huffed an' I puffed to gain an upright position, my good hubby-buddy remained indoors, oblivious to any of the current events.  As happy as I was that he din't know what was goin' on, part of me wanted to {{{{{ S M A C K }}}}} him!

     Finally, I made it to my feet an' worked my way to the door.  Curiously, with ice an' snow all over my hands an' me unable to get the sliding door open, I was forced to tap on the glass to get Hubby-buddy's attention.

     Ya' know that comment about smacking him?  Well, he took one look at my face an' his laughter instantly reinforced that emotion.  Sort of.  Actually, we both got a good laugh out of it, but in my mind, he was not getting' off so easy.    

     For the record, I dunno' who develops the flavors in pet foods, but I have a greater respect for my cats an' their preference for eating dead things, rather than the food I put out for 'em.  What bothers me most is the fact that we have bought many different kinds of food for our feline family, but they still seem to prefer the dead things.

     What about your pets?  Do they also choose to eat somethin' other than the famous brands of cuisine, found in the pet food aisles?  If so, I think you should stick to your regular diet of human fare.

     Until the next time, keep a hug on.

 ~ Yaya

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Do Not Like Cat Food

     Cat food does not taste as good as you might think.  I'm sure that cat's love it, but it is definitely not my first choice for a meal.  I speak from first-hand knowledge about this.  You see, when you are face-down in the cat dish, lying in several inches of snow, it gives you time to realize jus' how unappealing that dish happens to be.
I don't want the cat food!

     I wish I could tell you more, now, but I will be gone from my computer for awhile.  We are tryin' to get many important things accomplished an' I will be up to my eyeballs in Stuff.  When I am next able to get on my computer, I will tell you the very untasty story of how I came to know that cat food is not somethin' I ever hope to taste again.  In the meantime, please know that I will be thinkin' 'bout you all an' missin' you.  I hope you will come back to hear it all.

     Until the next time, keep a hug on.

 ~ Yaya

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Life At the Top

This post is a tribute to my brother, whom I love.
Gone, but not forgotten.

            Have you ever lived in an attic? I did. I used to live near Spokane, Washington, in a little town named Opportunity. I thought that was appropriate, since it was when I first moved out on my own, feelin' the unbridled power that First-Adulthood can bring to those who've never felt the responsibility of supporting themselves.

            There I was, earnin' my own way, holdin' down my first full-time job an' preparin' to spend my first night on my own. I had found an apartment, conveniently situated near the center of town an' things were goin' well. Considerin' that I had never even had a room of my own, that first apartment was H-U-G-E. Besides, livin' downtown, above one of the businesses was gonna' make everything so convenient. I thought.

            That is, until it got dark an' I spent my first night alone. That was the same night I thought I was gonna' die in an earthquake; after movin' from the Great Quake Capital of America, California. But that's another story.

            After survivin' my night of many firsts, life settled into a certain pattern; rise early, catch the bus to Spokane to go to work, come home exhausted an' struggle to pay all the bills when I got my paycheck. Perhaps you've heard of this way of life?  Easy club to join, but they never want a person to drop out.

            Eventually, I realized that I would need to cut corners, but where? I had learned that my $35- per month rent payment was non-negotiable an' I'd been livin' on a gallon of milk, a loaf of bread an' a dozen eggs per week for the last two months, so I couldn't really cut back on my food bill. Since I din't buy clothes or other extras, there weren't a lotta' choices. Finally, I decided that I would hafta' move closer to my job an' save the bus fare.

            About the time I was makin' this very important decision, my older brother an' his wife paid a visit to her family, who lived about thirty miles away. They also visited ME in that first apartment.

            Y'ever notice how big brothers like to take care of their younger siblings? An' thank goodness my brother did. In the first place, because they had a car, they helped me to find a new place, taking alla' my challenges into consideration; no car, proximity to work, the issue of safety an' my limited earning ability. Soon, we found a beautiful old three-story home with the most awesome woodwork you can imagine. Above the third floor was an attic that had been divided into two parts. A stairwell separated the two parts.

            After agreeing to pay $20- a month in rent (yay! That was a savings of $15- each month), I was ready to begin movin' in. Not so, big brother. He took me shopping, using his own money. The first thing we bought was a lock; but not jus' any lock. This was a device that worked like a chain-lock, but could be controlled from the outside with a key.

            Next, he stocked my bookshelf with all kindsa' stuff I could cook in one aluminum popcorn popper. In that small rented room I had no cooking facilities, so the electric popper came in very handy.

            I was finally Brother-Certified to move into my new attic-home. I was so thrilled the day everything was in place. My brother an' his wife returned to California an' I began a new life.

            Maybe someday you'd like to hear how my hands froze to the wall of that same attic-home? That was definitely an unexpected surprise.

            Until the next time, keep a hug on.

 ~ Yaya

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Look What I Can Do!

     Hey, Lookie!  Did you see what I did?  I have all kindsa' new things goin' on.  Look up there.  No, no; not there.  Over there, on the left.  See it?  Jus' under my photo; the one of me in the Little Red Wagon.  See it, now?  It looks like this:

Orphans and Other Stars

     Hmmmm; that din't turn out just right.  Those are the right words, but up above, they're all on the same line an' without the dots.  Maybe you can find 'em if you look for alla' those words on the same line an' pretend the dots aren't there, ya' think?  Are ya' lookin'?

     Heh-heh; the dots don't show up on the Preview Page, so they might not show up on the finished page.  That's okay.  If they don't show up, you won't hafta' pretend they aren't there, right?

     YES!  You found it!  Now, jus' click on each of those words or groups of words an' you can start to find some more Yaya places.  How cool is that?  I am excited that I was finally able to make those extra pages work correctly.  It sure wasn't easy, but my friend, Nicole, over at My Mad World helped me get it figured out.  My friend, Gramma' Lowe, also helped me.  You might wanna' check out their homes on the web.  I am so thankful for nice people who are helpful.

     I'll be adding some more pages as soon as I can.  I hope you like the new pages I've added.  I was able to put pictures an' all kindsa' stuff on my new pages.  Check 'em out.

     Thanks for stoppin by an' 'til the next time, keep a hug on.

 ~ Yaya

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