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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

     Ya' ever notice how fear is like this living, breathing thing that somehow manages to invade a person's thoughts an' purposes?  I've been fighting that dreadful little demon for such a long time.  'Course, I didn't recognize that I was doin' battle.  It just sorta' eased in an' made itself comfortable, all the while, keeping me from doin' those things that I enjoy an' wanted to do.

     Take, for instance, Blogging.  I really loved blogging when I used to write on my blog, a long time ago.  Then, I started tryin' to run a bit faster than my legs wanted to carry me an', pretty soon, I realized that I had lost control, somewhere along the way.  Did I pick myself up, dust myself off an' jump back into the race?  Well... yes an' no, actually.

     I mean, here I am, trying to set the pace an' go again, but it took me awhile to face the fears of whatever it was I was afraid of.  Hopefully, ya'll can find it in your hearts to forgive me for bein' away for so long?  I hope so, anyway.  I've really missed our chats an' such.  I look forward to gettin' comfortable, again, an' settling back in.

     Ya'll have a good day, y'hear?  Until the next time, keep a hug on.

 ~ Yaya


Sunday, June 18, 2017


Hi there!
     If you haven't seen me for awhile, it's on accounta' I haven't been very 'see-able'.  I apologize for my lack of visibility.  Learning computer stuff is haaaaarrrd!  I don't think I'm much further along in my knowledge of 'techie-related' gadgets than I was the last time you saw me, but if you'll bear with me, I'll continue to try learning all I can.  It seems that technology is here to stay an', like it or not, if I don't figure summa' this stuff out, well...


     If you happen to see me out there, somewhere, floundering around in 'Internet Space', could you jus' take 'hold of my hand an' lead me to whatever it is I'm struggling to find?  I'm really trying to hang on in this internet void an' I could sure use some help an' guidance.

     Thanks for your help.  I'm looking forward to connecting with ya'll again an' re-igniting old friendships an' maybe, making even more friends.  I have a kinda' "Love/Hate" relationship with my computer; if it's doin' what I love ~ ~ ~ yeah, you guessed it ~ ~ ~ I love it.  On the other hand, when my 'puter throws me curves an' doesn't wanna' jump through the hoops I like... *Sigh*... I Almost hate it.  Can't quite bring myself to hate it, though.  Not really. 

     You know how it is... If I were to actually Hate my 'puter, well... you know... her feelings would be hurt an' I don't like to hurt anyone's feelings, even my computer's feelings, don'tcha' know?

     Until the next time, keep a hug on. 

 ~ Yaya
Hugs for Everyone!  

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