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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Gimme' That Ol' Time Stitchin'

     Around where I live, there are lotsa' people who go to auctions.
  Just last month, there was a nearly-new van sold for only a few hunnerd dollars.  Lemme' tell you, that was one happy group who bid on that one.  I like goin' to auctions on accounta' I sometimes get some pretty good deals.  I also like goin' to find the types of things I can't find in your average, run-of-the-mill shopping center; things like little collections that remind me of my gramma'.

     Years ago, when I went to my first auction, it was quite a shock to my system to realize how many treasures could be had an' how many people wanted to take my new-found treasures from me.  One of the first things my good hubby-buddy ever bought for me at auction was a treadle sewing machine.  My, how I did love that machine.  In fact, I used to sit at that machine for hours, with my babies at my knees.  I would be happily sewin' up some fun item, whilst they sat on the treadle an' rocked it back an' forth for me.

     I finally wore that ol' sewing machine out, after years an' years of havin' yards an' yards of material fun.  It was kinda' sad when my machine quit.  I've never found another one that I could work quite as well as I was able to work that one.  I sometimes wish that companies would go back into the business of manufacturing summa' those really nice treadle sewing machines, again.  Seems like there are lotsa' people who would prefer to use summa' those easy-to-use, no-gadgets-to-mess-up tools from long ago.  *sigh*

     Until the next time, keep a hug on.

 ~ Yaya

Monday, September 27, 2010

Are You Ready For Thanksgiving?


     I am so excited 'bout this year's holiday season. Unlike previous years, I have so many ways to prepare and every single one of 'em is somethin' I can hardly wait to get started on. Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Don't you jus' love bein' able to gather with friends an' family? With food as the central topic, you can play games an' enjoy the holiday even more, this year.
     Are you a teacher? Have you been wondering how to share knowledge in a way that will hold your students' interest?  Python Thanksgiving Party Games is definitely the answer to your quest. Print all the copies you want an' keep those thirsty minds askin' for more. Python Printable Games are the perfect addition to your teaching agenda because everyone loves to play games an' your kids will learn while they play.

     Do you like working crossword puzzles or word searches? Surprise! You can get both with these packets. In fact, there are quizzes an' poems, match games an' scavenger hunts; so many different kinds of games that I can't list 'em all. Your kids will look forward to Thanksgiving, this year an' every year, because you will have enough variety to create different games for each year. Hurry over there an' check out the wunnerful games that Python Printable Games has. You'll be glad you did.

     Until the next time, keep a hug on.

~ Yaya

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Quarentined! They Got Me!

     Ack!  Ack!  Cough!  Oh, hi.  Sorry 'bout that.  Seems I have picked up some kinda' flu bug 'er sumpin'.  I don't usually catch colds or struggle with flu.  I've been very fortunate like that.  I can't imagine where I might've caught it from.  I don't really go anywhere, to speak of.  I'm perfectly content to stay in my own little house an' enjoy bein' somethin' of a recluse.  'Course, it doesn't bother me to go out.  Or to have anyone visit, for that matter.  I'm jus' very comfortable bein' home, ya' know?

     I was gonna' do so many things, today; write the great American novel, sew a new wardrobe, make gifts for all my grandies for Christmas.  I had the whole day planned out.  Unfortunately, in the middle of the night, the flu bug changed my mind.  Now, I'll pro'lly hafta' reschedule alla' that fun stuff for another day.  Ungh!  Life can be sooooo haaaaaard.

     Be careful whilst reading this post.  You don't wanna' get too close.  I really wouln't want you to catch whatever it is that caught me.  This is NOT fun.  This is not fun, a LOT!  So, be sure you drink your juices, eat all your veggies an' don't forget to take your vitamin C.  An' above all, stay healthy an' well, k?

     Until the next time, keep a... Healthy... hug on.

 ~ Yaya

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Treasured Gift From A Child

            One of my grandies has developed his own standards for enjoying the greatest happiness in life.  At six years old, there are several areas of Do's and Don'ts, as far as he's concerned.  For instance, sitting still is a definite No-No, but if he wants cake an' milk for breakfast, his talent for debate is quickly displayed.
            One practice he developed seems to have arrived at the time he was born. This particular conviction has been somethin' of a problem because there could be some very long-term negative repercussions to his decision.
            Fortunately for Grandie Boy, his daddy loves a good debate. It's interesting to watch as the two banter back an' forth, each seemingly a master with words. I love it that their battle of words can be so convincing, yet never lose the sense of love an' caring. Both my son (Grandie Boy's daddy) an' Grandie Boy treat such events as just another game.
            I'm sure by now, you must be wondering what it is that can cause so much discussion. Vegetables. That's what Grandie Boy fights so hard against. According to him, there are no edible vegetables. Well, unless you count French Fries. To him, the thought of allowing somethin' so vile to touch his tongue is nuthin' short of certain death. Naturally, Daddy constantly seeks new ways to include veggies as a delicious an' appealing food.
            Enter, Asparagus! According to Grandie Boy, only cows eat grass an' he ain't a cow. Since asparagus looks so much like Cow-Food (Grandie Boy's own pet name), he has developed many discussions against this particular food.
            Until last week, that is. At long last, Daddy found the ideal way to prepare this most despised food. Now, before I tell you how it was cooked, you need to remember that some lessons are learned by means of small steps. Admittedly, the preparation was not the most healthful way to eat a vegetable, but since it was the first time that Grandie Boy was willing to try asparagus, perhaps the preparation can be overlooked this time.
            As expected, when one bite of this new food was placed on Grandie Boy's plate, his natural reaction was suspicion. However, since it had been rolled in flour an' looked like a French Fry, he allowed it to stay. Daddy told him he din't hafta' like it, but he did hafta' try it. With more interest than he had ever shown before, Grandie Boy lifted the spear of fried asparagus between two fingers an' slipped the whole thing into his mouth.  Daddy waited for the reaction an' when there was none, he placed another section of fried asparagus on the plate.
            Grandie Boy picked it up an' took a bite. It was at this point that the child stated his true feelings; words every parent wants to hear. "You know, Daddy, I think I could learn to like vegetables."
            As gifts go, those words were among the best offering ever presented by a child to his parent.
            Until the next time, keep a hug on.
 ~ Yaya

Monday, September 20, 2010

I Am A Grasshopper

     Don't you jus' lov it when you have one 'uh those days where everything falls right into place an' works out even better than anything your imagination could come up with?  Yeah, me too.  That's the kinda' day I had on Sunday; perfect.

     Friday... not so much.  I'll spare you the gory details, but suffice it to say that Friday will not go down in history as one 'uh my favorites. I have learned that movin' furniture an' regroupin' an entire room, startin' at 10:30 at night is p'rhaps not the wisest thing to do when you know that Saturday is gonna' be filled with deadlines.
     Alla' that was said so's I could tell you that I am grasshopper.  On Sunday, I gave a talk in church an' it explained completely why I now realize that I am a grasshopper.  I know that most of you are ants an' I am okay with that, but it is nice to finally know that I have found my place an' even grasshoppers are important in our society.
     If you'd like to have a deeper unnerstandin' of the difference between ants an' grasshoppers, please read this article by Louise Plummer.  She is also a grasshopper.  The short version involves Aesop's Fable, The Grasshopper and the Ants.  Basically, the ants are very much in control of each area of their lives, whilst the grasshoppers are more spur-of-the moment.  I think you would really enjoy Louise Plummer's article an' I hope you'll click on the link to read it.  For myself, I am finally comfortable with who I am.  It has been shown to me that, in spite of the fact that I do things differently than the ants of the world, my kind of personality is still as necessary as those who are organized an' plan their lives well.
     So, what are you?  A grasshopper or an ant?  Whichever you are, I'm sincerely thankful that you have chosen to be a part of my life.

     Until the next time, keep a hug on.

 ~ Yaya

Saturday, September 18, 2010


     Lookie here.  Can you see in here?  See what I've been doin'?  Yeah; it's a mess, alright.  That's what always happens when I start shufflin' things around.  I get THE. BIGGEST. MESS. you ever saw.  I simply cannot seem to make one. tiny. little. improvement without first destroyin' everything in my path.  Tonight, my office was the unwilling victim.  An' several rooms in the surrounding vicinity.  I can't seem to help it; that's what I do.  I'm a mess.

     Are you like that?  No?  I kinda' din't think so.  You seem to be far more in control of things.  Whenever I sneak over an' have a peek at your blog, everything is so nice an' tidy.  Why anybody can see how easy it is for you to make yer life run smoothly.  I'll bet you've never had a crisis or an unexpected event in your whole life, have you?  No, I din't think so.  See?  I could tell on accounta' whenever I look in on you, there you are, jus' movin' around an' takin' control, like you might have the world by the tail.

     Well, here's the thing;  I was thinkin' you could move in with me.  That way, when I start scatterin' things around an' lookin' to make some irreparable kinda' destruction, you can pull out the Logic Card an' set me back on track.  That way, I won't be so quick to lose control an' you can take a few minutes to point me in a more user-friendly direction than one that's gonna' take three days to recover from.  Don't you think that's a slick little plan?  Me, too.  So, whenever you're ready, you come on down an' we can start settin' my life to rights, k?  K, then.

     Until the next time, keep a hug on.

 ~ Yaya

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More Than I Expected

     Remember when you were young; what holidays were like in school?  I recall doin' a lot of coloring for each new holiday that rolled around.  For the New Year, we colored banners with messages to usher out the old an' welcome in the new.  For Valentine's Day, we colored an' cut hearts, hearts an' more hearts.  Nearly all of the decorations were created by the kids, for the kids.  Those decorations that weren't provided by the kids were few an' expensive.  Remember that?  I'm not a teacher, but I've known many teachers who spent much more than they could afford on classroom decorations an' supplies.

     Wouln't it be nice if there were an inexpensive way to get new decorations each year, instead of havin' all those expensive decorations wind up in a box with so many other supplies, that the edges are curling or the pages are gettin' creased?  Hold onto your horses 'cause I have news for you!
     Python Games gave me the chance to try out their Halloween Printables so's I could tell you all about 'em.  To be really honest, I din't expect a whole lot, as I had not previously known about Python Printables.  However, when I clicked on the link to download the games, I was completely shocked at the quality an' attention to detail that was involved.  At every click of the mouse, I was more thrilled by all that was included.    
     'Course, you know how much I love puzzles.  There are numerous puzzles, in shapes to compliment the holiday.  Here's one: 

You can make as many copies as you wanna' an' really decorate your classroom, office, party hall or wherever you feel like celebratin' the fun.

      All opinions are strictly my own.  I was given a complimentary packet of printables to review, but other than that, I was not compensated in any way. is a place where bloggers can apply for any promotions you like for free.  I so appreciate an' Python Printables for sharing this opportunity with me.  I am sold on both companies.  You will be, too.

     Until the next time, keep a hug on. ~ Yaya

This Product Was a Free Giveaway         

Monday, September 13, 2010

A Single-File Memory

     Once upon a time, many long years ago, we owned a few acres in the country.  We considered these few acres our paradise an' enjoyed every minute we spent there.  Well, except for when the sow ate several of the babies.

     One day, we bought a Great Pyrenees puppy an' she quickly became an important member of our family.  Lightning was a beautiful dog; white, with long, curly hair an' a long, curled tail.  When one of the cows died, giving birth to a little calf, Lightning decided that the calf needed a mama.  Just as soon as she had made the decision that the calf needed a mama, she also filled the position.  If you've never seen the dedication that a Great Pyrenees can show in mothering a young calf, you have missed out on a beautiful experience.

     My son used to take Thank You, the calf, for long walks on the dirt road that ran in front of our land.  Naturally, Lightning wasn't about to let her baby go out alone, so she followed them on their walk.  We had another dog, Stranger, who didn't let our son go anywhere without taggin' along.  So, there you would see them; our son, Thank You, Lightning, Stranger, cats, ducks, chickens, geese, lambs, turkeys, cows, piglets and an occasional stray animal who just joined in to see what was goin'-on, all walking single-file down the long dirt road.

     We moved away from there, eventually.  Whenever I long to revisit the ol' place, my thoughts return to the image of all those animals, following along behind my young son an' I'm thankful that we are, once again, trying to find a home in the country.  I know some peopole enjoy livin' in the city.  In truth, I have also enjoyed livin' in the city, at times.  Given the choice, though, I'd choose country life over any other kind.  Country Life; a place where a person can sit an' enjoy a long procession of animals, following one boy who loves 'em all.

     Until the next time, keep a hug on.

 ~ Yaya

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ho! Ho! Ho! Is it Summer?

     When I was a child, I noticed that seasons never seemed to follow any particular pattern. Of course, that might have had something to do with the fact that I never stayed in one place for very long. Christmas in Florida, for instance, feels nothing like Christmas in Maine. In Maine, there's snow and lots of trees, smelling like Santa Claus is just climbing into his sleigh. Florida, on the other hand, has Palm Trees and beaches. Nothing wrong with either place, mind you, but to a child such a difference is significant at an important time of the year.

     The same holds true when preparing to spend the day at the beach. Go to any beach in America, south of say, the Mason-Dixon line and you know why you're there. The day is hot, the sun is comfortable and the water is pleasantly cool for the heat of the day. Head north and you may be in for a surprise. At least, that's the way it always struck me. The day was generally cool, the sun pleasant and the water {{{{{ c~o~o~o~o~l~l~l~d~d }}}}}.

     There are other telltale signs of seasons being individual, depending on what part of the country you are in, as well. Have you ever witnessed Fall in someplace like Oregon? The leaves change colors and really begin to show-off. Each tree fills with more variety than the next and every leaf tries to out-do all the others. Counter that with the changing of the seasons where Palm Trees grow. Although exceptional in her own way, the announcement of season's change is not as pronounced.

     I'm glad for everywhere I ever lived. I love the Palm Trees and the Pines. The Oak and the Redwood. And every single variety I have been fortunate enough to witness. There is no spot on this Earth that I don't think of as beautiful. In fact, I consider every creation from here to outer-space to be a mark of glory.  I'm especially grateful that I have finally moved to a place where I can be reasonably certain that one season follows another.  And the nice thing is, each season seems to be very much like the last one of the same name.  That's somehow very comforting.  How long did it take you to recognize the difference in the seasons.

     Until the next time, keep a hug on.

 ~ Yaya

     This is a re-post, with a few minor adjustments, except I messed up the original when I was tryin' to re-post.  hmmmmm

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bread Magic

     We live in a world of contradictions.  Take for instance the term Homemade Bread.  Yes, it is made at home and yes, it is usually delicious.  Curiously though, it often lacks many similarities to one's initial image of Homemade Bread.  Today, it seems that most people I know who make bread at home, do so with the aid of a breadmaking machine.  Still very tasty, but it's difficult for me to form magical memories of baking bread around the ol' breadmaking machine.

     I can remember when my gramma' used to bake bread in the oven of a woodstove.  My job was to be ready with the butter brush an' make sure that I spread plenty of butter... real butter, not margarine, on the top of the loaf after it was removed from the oven.  Then, of course, my job was to take that first delectable bite of hot buttered bread, smeared with honey, an' give my opinion.  I don't ever recall giving a poor grade to my gramma's fresh, homemade bread.  In fact, I wouldn't mind havin' some of her homemade bread, right now.

     Another curious contradiction in today's world is stamps.  Once when our oldest granddaughter, who at that time was three, was helping my good hubby-buddy in his office, she very clearly brought to our attention how things have changed since we were her age.  My good hubby-buddy let her put the stamps onto each of the envelopes after he sealed them.  Then, the three of us went for a drive to mail the letters.  Sis wanted to hold the letters while she rode an' that seemed like a reasonable request, so we let her.

     My good hubby-buddy happened to glance into the rear-view mirror an' saw our little grandie carefully removing the stamps that she had supposed were like alla' her other stickers.  Yup!  It's a changing world.  Just when you think things are gonna' get easier, someone shows you how wrong your perception might be.

     'Course, both these changes are good.  Breadmaking Machines let us have homemade bread, without the drudgery of working over a hot stove, like my gramma' hadda' do.  Especially in the summer, this is a true blessing.  An' who can deny the pleasure of mailing a letter without the aftertaste of licking a stamp?  So what if an occasional stamp is mistaken for a child's sticker?  I guess there could be worse things in life; like havin' to wait months for a horse an' rider to deliver the mail, for instance.  Besides, I enjoy using stickers on many of my own projects.  Contradictions aside, progress is still a good thing.

     Until the next time, keep a hug on.

 ~ Yaya

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Great Cat House Caper

     My Pirate Cats have been havin' a grand ol' time on our front porch.  Mama Kitty, as Capt' an' regulator of the crew, makes sure that we keep her little ones fed an' happy.  'Course, it sure would be nice if we could pet one of the Pirate Cats.  As I mentioned once before, we have five cats; three of 'em are Pirate Cats; all off-spring to Mama Kitty.  The other two cats are Mama Kitty an' Li'l Orphan Annie.  Annie is the only one that looks anything like Mama Kitty, even though she's the orphan in the bunch.  The others are all black, with one white diamond at the throat.
     I told you how three of 'em came to be Pirate Cats in this post.  Well, we still can't walk up an' pet any of the PC's, but we have been lucky a couple of times an' petted 'em whilst they weren't paying attention on accounta' they had their faces in the dish of food.  As soon as they realized my good hubby-buddy or I were touching 'em, though... Whoooooosh!!! They're gone.
     With Winter just around the corner, all the cats have taken to stayin' more an' more on our front porch.  That's fine; I kinda' enjoy lookin' out an' watchin' 'em play.  Well, we had some logs left on the porch from last year when we were usin' the woodstove, so my good hubby-buddy pushed 'em all into a sort of stack.  All those cats quickly took over the stack an' began to call it Home.

     Pretty soon, the stack of wood was scattered all around again, so we fixed it back up.  Each time we fixed it, the cats created a big mess an' slept in the middle of it.  One day, I got the bright idea of gettin' a couple of cinder-blocks an' usin' them as a kind of base for arranging the logs on.  Well!  Din't our family of cats think they were the Cat's Meow, with their own little house?

     One thing led to another an' the cats kept knockin' the logs down, but they really seemed to like the idea of havin' a home, ya' know?  So today, I fixed that house so's they can't tear it apart.  Well, I started it, anyway.  It only took a minute for me to call out for help, though, an' my good hubby-buddy... yes, my hero... was right there with a hammer an' nails to put that Cat House together the way it should be.  Now, we're all happy.

     Until the next time, keep a hug on.

 ~ Yaya

Now, I ask you, don't you think that Li'l Orphan Annie looks more like Mama Kitty than her black Pirate?  The other two Pirate Cats wouldn't come up on the porch so's I could get their picture.     mmmmmmm

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