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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bread Magic

     We live in a world of contradictions.  Take for instance the term Homemade Bread.  Yes, it is made at home and yes, it is usually delicious.  Curiously though, it often lacks many similarities to one's initial image of Homemade Bread.  Today, it seems that most people I know who make bread at home, do so with the aid of a breadmaking machine.  Still very tasty, but it's difficult for me to form magical memories of baking bread around the ol' breadmaking machine.

     I can remember when my gramma' used to bake bread in the oven of a woodstove.  My job was to be ready with the butter brush an' make sure that I spread plenty of butter... real butter, not margarine, on the top of the loaf after it was removed from the oven.  Then, of course, my job was to take that first delectable bite of hot buttered bread, smeared with honey, an' give my opinion.  I don't ever recall giving a poor grade to my gramma's fresh, homemade bread.  In fact, I wouldn't mind havin' some of her homemade bread, right now.

     Another curious contradiction in today's world is stamps.  Once when our oldest granddaughter, who at that time was three, was helping my good hubby-buddy in his office, she very clearly brought to our attention how things have changed since we were her age.  My good hubby-buddy let her put the stamps onto each of the envelopes after he sealed them.  Then, the three of us went for a drive to mail the letters.  Sis wanted to hold the letters while she rode an' that seemed like a reasonable request, so we let her.

     My good hubby-buddy happened to glance into the rear-view mirror an' saw our little grandie carefully removing the stamps that she had supposed were like alla' her other stickers.  Yup!  It's a changing world.  Just when you think things are gonna' get easier, someone shows you how wrong your perception might be.

     'Course, both these changes are good.  Breadmaking Machines let us have homemade bread, without the drudgery of working over a hot stove, like my gramma' hadda' do.  Especially in the summer, this is a true blessing.  An' who can deny the pleasure of mailing a letter without the aftertaste of licking a stamp?  So what if an occasional stamp is mistaken for a child's sticker?  I guess there could be worse things in life; like havin' to wait months for a horse an' rider to deliver the mail, for instance.  Besides, I enjoy using stickers on many of my own projects.  Contradictions aside, progress is still a good thing.

     Until the next time, keep a hug on.

 ~ Yaya


Kelly Polark said...

My husband always laughs at restaurants that have homemade cooking on the sign. He wonders if the cooks live there!

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

My Step-Mum is very proper...she always laughs when I talk about getting out the silverware. She thinks it's really funny when I talk about using plastic silverware. :)

I think "homemade" bread (in the stove not in a breadmachine) is the best, even if it takes all day...

Have a great week Yaya!

Hema Penmetsa said...

Yup, progress, for the most part, is a good thing. Especially when you consider washing machine and vaccuum cleaners are here beacuse of it :-). Your memories of breadmaking with your grandma have triggered mine with my grandma of making butter using a handchurn. Oh, I surely miss those special moments that making things by hand creates!

Laurie said...

My mother got my husband and I a breadmaking machine for Christmas one year. We haul it out once or twice every winter and make a few loaves, and they taste nice. But it's not like when I take all day and make my Golden Cheddar Bread.

Had to laugh at your comment about real butter, not margarine. Grandma Young would only have "creamery butter" in her house - none of that horrible "oleo" stuff!!! At our house, I think it was always good old Parkay. I had no idea that was the evil "oleo" of which my grandmother spoke. :-)

The Zany Housewife said...

I refuse to use a bread machine. I like making bread the old school way. It does take a long time, but well worth it.

Yaya' s Home said...

That's funny, Kelly. We were in a restaurant tonight an' someone made the comment that they were servin' homemade tomato soup. I hadda' laugh 'cause I had read your comment an' what they said made me think of you. Delicious soup, by the way.

I love real homemade bread, Sharon. My mama used to always laugh when I would mention grabbing the plastic 'silverware', too. I think she jus' chalked it up to my strange way of thinking outside the box. An' don't even get me started on how she felt about the plastic glasses we drank from. hahahahaha

I'm all for progress, Hema. Whenever something is a bit of a struggle, I think about how it was for the pioneers. It sorta' cuts me short in trying to justify my complaints. I recall once when one of my grandies came to visit. She hurried down the hall into our apartment an' headed straight for the bathroom. When she got there, she realized it was occupied. She turned to me desperately an' asked, "Yaya, don't you have two bathrooms?!?" I hate to think what she would have asked if she'd had to use an outhouse. haha

Mmmmmm, Laurie. Golden Cheddar Bread? That sounds heavenly. You can come to my house an' make that, anytime you wanna'. I loved your comment about the oleo margarine. I remember someone bought my gramma' some oleo one time an' I thought she was gonna' roll over in her grave BEFORE she even got there!

Now, somethin' tells me your name is not Zany, but that's all I've got to go on. I was given a bread machine once, but our kitchen was roughly the size of our very small bathroom an' we had absolutely nowhere to keep it; the bread machine, that is. I gave it to a friend who made twenty loaves of bread every Wednesday an' another twenty on Saturday. If I remember correctly, she had about thirteen kids an' those kids loooooooved their bread.

I so appreciate alla' your comments. I truly feel as if we are visiting over a cup of hot cocoa with cookies to dunk. It makes me feel all warm inside. Thanks for that.

~ Yaya

Eve said...

I completely agree. I make Bread by hand. If i could grow my own wheat, i would...and grind it myself and everything. Yaya, thanks for the follow on blogfrog! come check out my thoughts on breadmaking and how it's helping me be greener at

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