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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Treasured Gift From A Child

            One of my grandies has developed his own standards for enjoying the greatest happiness in life.  At six years old, there are several areas of Do's and Don'ts, as far as he's concerned.  For instance, sitting still is a definite No-No, but if he wants cake an' milk for breakfast, his talent for debate is quickly displayed.
            One practice he developed seems to have arrived at the time he was born. This particular conviction has been somethin' of a problem because there could be some very long-term negative repercussions to his decision.
            Fortunately for Grandie Boy, his daddy loves a good debate. It's interesting to watch as the two banter back an' forth, each seemingly a master with words. I love it that their battle of words can be so convincing, yet never lose the sense of love an' caring. Both my son (Grandie Boy's daddy) an' Grandie Boy treat such events as just another game.
            I'm sure by now, you must be wondering what it is that can cause so much discussion. Vegetables. That's what Grandie Boy fights so hard against. According to him, there are no edible vegetables. Well, unless you count French Fries. To him, the thought of allowing somethin' so vile to touch his tongue is nuthin' short of certain death. Naturally, Daddy constantly seeks new ways to include veggies as a delicious an' appealing food.
            Enter, Asparagus! According to Grandie Boy, only cows eat grass an' he ain't a cow. Since asparagus looks so much like Cow-Food (Grandie Boy's own pet name), he has developed many discussions against this particular food.
            Until last week, that is. At long last, Daddy found the ideal way to prepare this most despised food. Now, before I tell you how it was cooked, you need to remember that some lessons are learned by means of small steps. Admittedly, the preparation was not the most healthful way to eat a vegetable, but since it was the first time that Grandie Boy was willing to try asparagus, perhaps the preparation can be overlooked this time.
            As expected, when one bite of this new food was placed on Grandie Boy's plate, his natural reaction was suspicion. However, since it had been rolled in flour an' looked like a French Fry, he allowed it to stay. Daddy told him he din't hafta' like it, but he did hafta' try it. With more interest than he had ever shown before, Grandie Boy lifted the spear of fried asparagus between two fingers an' slipped the whole thing into his mouth.  Daddy waited for the reaction an' when there was none, he placed another section of fried asparagus on the plate.
            Grandie Boy picked it up an' took a bite. It was at this point that the child stated his true feelings; words every parent wants to hear. "You know, Daddy, I think I could learn to like vegetables."
            As gifts go, those words were among the best offering ever presented by a child to his parent.
            Until the next time, keep a hug on.
 ~ Yaya


PJ said...

Hey Yaya! It's good to hear from you! Hats off to your son and grandson! That is a great way to end that debate. I'm also glad you liked my challenge. It's good to know that someone does take an interest in maybe "refreshing their knowledge" of the Bible. You know, I went over it mentally while I was typing, and I missed a lot more than 3! LOL! I guess I'd better do some studying! LOL! Of course I didn't take the time to look them up as I was typing the challenge, maybe I should. Haha! God Bless!
Don't be a stranger,


Yaya' s Home said...

Hi there, PJ,
It's great to see you. Yeah, I always enjoy your challenges. I jus' wish I could get over there more often.

Have you ever been to the Scriptorian Website? They have a really fun method for learning the Scriptures. It's like playin' a game, but there's no guilt. At the moment, my favorite Scriptures are James 1:5-6. Those two have helped me through many trials.

~ Yaya

~ Yaya

Loafer Mountain Primitives said...

Hey YaYa!
Love it! Perfect display of flexible parenting... Help him plant his own garden and see what he's willing to try after he grows them himself! Works like a charm...

Madison said...

Score one for Daddy!

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

LOL...That's the only way I'll eat okra...

Yaya' s Home said...

Hiya' Tisha,
I am often amazed by the creative ways my adult children (including sons/daughters-in-law) manage to avoid conflict with their children. I don't think they learned that from me. LOL

Thank you, Madison. That's the way I feel, too.

Ya' know, Sharon, from the stories my mama an' her brother have told, I've never been able to talk myself into tryin' okra. haha. Even though they both loved it, their descriptions were so gross that I'm not sure I could ever try it. Mostly, I'm pretty willing to try anything. I do have my limits, though, an' I always allowed my children an' grandies the same privilege, within reason.

Thank you all for stopping to visit. Did you enjoy your cookies an' hot cocoa? Tomorrow, we're havin' brownies an' milk. Hope to see you then.

~ Yaya

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