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Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Great Cat House Caper

     My Pirate Cats have been havin' a grand ol' time on our front porch.  Mama Kitty, as Capt' an' regulator of the crew, makes sure that we keep her little ones fed an' happy.  'Course, it sure would be nice if we could pet one of the Pirate Cats.  As I mentioned once before, we have five cats; three of 'em are Pirate Cats; all off-spring to Mama Kitty.  The other two cats are Mama Kitty an' Li'l Orphan Annie.  Annie is the only one that looks anything like Mama Kitty, even though she's the orphan in the bunch.  The others are all black, with one white diamond at the throat.
     I told you how three of 'em came to be Pirate Cats in this post.  Well, we still can't walk up an' pet any of the PC's, but we have been lucky a couple of times an' petted 'em whilst they weren't paying attention on accounta' they had their faces in the dish of food.  As soon as they realized my good hubby-buddy or I were touching 'em, though... Whoooooosh!!! They're gone.
     With Winter just around the corner, all the cats have taken to stayin' more an' more on our front porch.  That's fine; I kinda' enjoy lookin' out an' watchin' 'em play.  Well, we had some logs left on the porch from last year when we were usin' the woodstove, so my good hubby-buddy pushed 'em all into a sort of stack.  All those cats quickly took over the stack an' began to call it Home.

     Pretty soon, the stack of wood was scattered all around again, so we fixed it back up.  Each time we fixed it, the cats created a big mess an' slept in the middle of it.  One day, I got the bright idea of gettin' a couple of cinder-blocks an' usin' them as a kind of base for arranging the logs on.  Well!  Din't our family of cats think they were the Cat's Meow, with their own little house?

     One thing led to another an' the cats kept knockin' the logs down, but they really seemed to like the idea of havin' a home, ya' know?  So today, I fixed that house so's they can't tear it apart.  Well, I started it, anyway.  It only took a minute for me to call out for help, though, an' my good hubby-buddy... yes, my hero... was right there with a hammer an' nails to put that Cat House together the way it should be.  Now, we're all happy.

     Until the next time, keep a hug on.

 ~ Yaya

Now, I ask you, don't you think that Li'l Orphan Annie looks more like Mama Kitty than her black Pirate?  The other two Pirate Cats wouldn't come up on the porch so's I could get their picture.     mmmmmmm


Sharon K. Mayhew said...

I have an idea...Love the on it's way...

Hema P. said...

That's such a cute post, Yaya! Now, where are the pictures of the cats trying to dislodge the logs? :-)

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

What darling fur babies! Even if they are pirates. :-)

Have a wonderful Sunday and Labor Day!

Yaya' s Home said...

Thanks for the suggestions, Sharon. They did wonders. If the speed that I'm able to get onto my blog is any indication, hopefully that means that you all are able to cruise around my blog a little faster, too. Hope you're feelin' better.

That was a good idea, Hema, about posting pictures. Thank you. I couldn't get any of the cats tearin' the house apart 'cause whenever we step out the door, they all scatter. Most times, that means that we won't see 'em for several hours. I'm not quite willing to stand on the porch an' wait for several hours. LOL

Hi Anne. Thank you. I jus' wish they would let me pet 'em. We can get pretty close, as long as we're on the inside of the window an' they choose to stand on top of the house to come closer to us. Otherwise, they are the most skiddish cats I've ever seen. haha

Thank ya'll for enjoying my short furry family with me. They keep us guessing as to what's gonna' happen next. *grin*

~ Yaya

Hema P. said...

Yaya, how precious!! Thank you for adding the pictures. :)

Laurie said...

What a cute story! So sad you can't pet them. I've always had "puppy cats". :-) at least they have a cute house to live in.

Yaya' s Home said...

No; thank you, Hema. I dunno' why I din't think to add the pictures, myself. That was a great idea. I usually forget that I have a camera, so if you hadn't said anything, I pro'lly wouln't even have a picture of 'em. Thanks, again.

Thank you, Laurie. That's really what I want my cats to be; "puppy cats." We've had so much fun, watchin' 'em through the window. Their house is built up as high as the window an' flush against the wall, so they often sit on top, examining our every move. LOL

~ Yaya

Lynn Anne Bemis said...

I finally made it to the "cat house." All this time since we talked. At least I'm not finally making it out of the "cat house" since we spoke!
Now this is what I'm wondering... how are those three half logs being suspended by that one little two foot beam. You guys must be terrific builders. ;-)

Yaya' s Home said...

Magic. It's all magic. LOL

Actually, we nailed boards the opposite direction on the bottom of the half logs. The cats love sittin' on top an' peerin' in the windows to see what the neighbors (we) are doin'.

I'm glad you made it. That is a different picture than I remember.

~ Yaya

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