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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Gimme' That Ol' Time Stitchin'

     Around where I live, there are lotsa' people who go to auctions.
  Just last month, there was a nearly-new van sold for only a few hunnerd dollars.  Lemme' tell you, that was one happy group who bid on that one.  I like goin' to auctions on accounta' I sometimes get some pretty good deals.  I also like goin' to find the types of things I can't find in your average, run-of-the-mill shopping center; things like little collections that remind me of my gramma'.

     Years ago, when I went to my first auction, it was quite a shock to my system to realize how many treasures could be had an' how many people wanted to take my new-found treasures from me.  One of the first things my good hubby-buddy ever bought for me at auction was a treadle sewing machine.  My, how I did love that machine.  In fact, I used to sit at that machine for hours, with my babies at my knees.  I would be happily sewin' up some fun item, whilst they sat on the treadle an' rocked it back an' forth for me.

     I finally wore that ol' sewing machine out, after years an' years of havin' yards an' yards of material fun.  It was kinda' sad when my machine quit.  I've never found another one that I could work quite as well as I was able to work that one.  I sometimes wish that companies would go back into the business of manufacturing summa' those really nice treadle sewing machines, again.  Seems like there are lotsa' people who would prefer to use summa' those easy-to-use, no-gadgets-to-mess-up tools from long ago.  *sigh*

     Until the next time, keep a hug on.

 ~ Yaya


Hema P. said...

Yaya, my Mom used to sew all my clothes (and my siblings') on a similar sewing machine until each of us turned fifteen or so. (I think after that, we went on strike and opted for ready-made clothes -- how silly!) Your post brought back memories of us all sitting around the machine, with it making a racket, and having lively conversations about all and sundry. Thanks!!

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

I still have the sewing machine I bought in 1983, when I graduated from high school. I don't sew many clothes with it anymore, but I can sew a mean quilt, pillow or a curtain with it. :) I have no plans to replace it with a newer (lighter) version... (waste not want not)

Lenny Lee! said...

hi miss yaya! sounds like you miss that old machine. i didnt ever see anyone sew on something like that. i think i could want to see one just so i could see how it works. for that im gonna have to probably go at a museum some place.
...hugs from lenny

Yaya' s Home said...

Ya' know, Hema, those are among my favorite memories. Sounds like they might be among yours, as well. I only wish I had another treadle sewing machine to work with, now.

~ Yaya

Yaya' s Home said...

I never would've gotten rid of my treadle machine if it hadn't quit on me, Sharon. I absolutely looooooved sewing on it. 'Course, I quickly learned that sewing for anything that grew (namely, kids) was an effort in futility. They didn't stay the same size long enough for me to finish what I was making for 'em. LOL

~ Yaya

Yaya' s Home said...

I do miss that machine, Lenny. It was a good and reliable friend. I wish you could see a machine like that in action. I think you would enjoy it. You may not have to go to a museum to see one. You might have a friend who uses a treadle sewing machine and you don't even know it. I have several friends with those kinds of machines. Ask around. You might be surprised.

~ Yaya

Eve said...

i love hand sewing, but i have yet to sit down and really get to know and love the machine my husband bought for me 3 years ago!!! I love the idea of using a sewing machine, but i think i might have liked the ones of old as opposed to the computerized one i have sitting in my basement....

katlupe said...

I have my husband's Great grandmother's old Singer treadle that was made in 1889. In fact, he has the receipt where his great grandfather paid $5.00 down and $3.00 a week on it. It is a beauty. The kind with the Square cover.

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