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Friday, December 31, 2010

Canned Resolutions

           Have you ever noticed how much fun people have at the end of the year? Of course, there are parties an' visits an' alla' that, but I think the most fun is watching how involved someone gets in making a New Year's Resolution. It seems to cause a lotta' unnecessary stress an' anxiety, to my way of thinking. I once knew someone who stressed so much over her New Year's Resolutions that it interfered with the fun she shoulda' had for Christmas. Then, after spending so much time creating her list, my friend abandoned all efforts to keep those goals by January 3rd. It seems to be a pattern that is widespread. Naturally, after witnessing so many failed attempts, I long ago decided that making New Year's Resolutions was not for me. Why plan to fail, after all?
            Well, this year I thought I'd do something a little different. Instead of planning to fail by writing goals that are impossible to keep, I was thinking that I should be more creative an' plan my actions for sure success. This year, I am sure to achieve every goal I write down. 'Course, my good hubby-buddy may not wanna' cooperate if he figures out my plan of action. But as long as you don't tell, I can hope that he will never be the wiser.
            One 'uh the things that always seems to bother my good hubby-buddy involves his perception of how I handle money. He seems to think that I'm not so good at it. Silly b-u-o-y! But what does he know, right? So, in the coming year I resolve to be more adept in this particular area. In order to do so, I plan to carry the checkbook, instead of making Hubby-Buddy do all the spending. After all, if I have no money to handle, how can he expect me to be good at it? And if I handle it a little too much, well, I'll give him back his checkbook. Good plan, eh?
             One thing I always regretted is that my gardening skills haven't yielded much in the way of a harvest. This year, I resolve to make certain that my fruit and vegetable trees yield generously. Therefore, I will incorporate help from the grocer and build fruit and vegetable trees out of cans from the store. In this way, I'll know that my trees will produce to my liking. Previous efforts have proven that garden variety foods have their own system for growing. (I'm talking to you, corn trees). In fact, I think I will only have one tree. That way, whenever I pick a can from my tree it will be something I know I will enjoy. 
            I thought of adding more resolutions, but growing a fruit an' vegetable tree out of cans from the grocery store an' trying to talk my good hubby buddy into letting me carry the checkbook sounds like a lotta' work to me. So I decided to start slow an' see how I do with this year's resolutions before attacking bigger projects.
            Though I would never admit it to my good hubby-buddy, there are other areas of my life where I could pro'lly make improvements. However, I don't wanna' overload my brain by having to worry about perceived faults. I'll work on these challenges an' next year maybe I can come up with something else. First, I'll see how successful I am at getting to carry that checkbook. Who knows? Maybe next year, I'll try my hand at building a house. It could happen. I believe in miracles.
             With this in mind, I resolve to share this information with my good hubby-buddy, but only if my goals cause problems. Naturally, if I do have problems, he  will likely give me The Look, in which case I am sure that tears will betray my hurt feelings. Then, my good hubby-buddy can resolve to fix all problems an' I can go back to life as it should be. In the end, my good hubby-buddy will be so proud of me for keeping my resolutions that he won't even mind taking care of any unfortunate results. What a guy!
            An' in the coming year I hope that all your hopes an' dreams come true. That every good desire of your heart is fulfilled an' that you will be surrounded by friends, family an' love.


            Until the next time, keep a hug on.
 ~ Yaya


Gail said...

Happy New Year

Yaya' s Home said...

Thank you, Gail. The same to you. I hope its your best year, yet.

~ Yaya

Lenny Lee* said...

hi miss yaya! i hope you could do all that stuff you said for in the new year. for me im not making any promises except to do the best i could do in whatever im doing. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
...hugs from lenny

Yaya' s Home said...

Congratulations, Lenny! That's the best New Year's Resolutions I've ever heard. You have the right attitude. My resolutions are more for fun than anything, but you did good. I'm proud of you. Happy New Year!

~ Yaya

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Have a Happy, Safe, and Healthy New Year YaYa! I don't make resolutions...I make goals with specific targets. Last year I only worked out 137 days...I'm pretty disappointed with myself for that. I plan to at least work out 180 days next year. I plan on redoing my writing business plan in January...

Yaya' s Home said...

Thank you, Sharon. That's a smart move. I've never known much about how to make goals or resolutions, but I'm learning how to do that with my hopes to achieve writing success.

You do seem like someone who knows how to get things done. Good luck with you workouts. You actually did very well, but I know you'll do even better in 2011. I'd love to see how you do your writing business. I'm sure I could learn a lot.

Much happiness in the New Year! Keep writing.

~ Yaya

ColoradoKate said...

Happy New Year, Yaya, and I hope the checkbook survives! ;-D

Let'sMakeADifference said...

Great post!! Thanks for commenting on my blog, and for the advice in growing my blog!! I'm a new follower of your blog! Happy new Year!

Bossy Betty said...

Hope your New Year is a good one!

Hema P. said...

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones, Yaya! I totally hear you about resolutions -- hope you get to keep all of yours this year!

GutsyWriter said...

Growing cans of vegetables is ideal. The trees are always producing. Happy 2011 to you and your family.

Yaya' s Home said...

Hi Kate,
My good hubby-buddy is walkin' around with a funny scowl on his face, so I'm not sure if the checkbook is surviving or not. I dunno' what's goin' on; there seem to be lottsa' dashes in the register (- - - -) in front of the numbers. Ah, well; my good hubby-buddy will know how to fix it. Thank goodness for havin' him. LOL

~ Yaya

Yaya' s Home said...

You're welcome, Let's. I hope the information is helpful.

~ Yaya

Yaya' s Home said...

Betty! Thank you. I can only hope the same for you.

~ Yaya

Yaya' s Home said...

I'm gonna' work hard at keepin' those New Year's Resolutions, Hema. After all, I really like the idea of hangin' onto that checkbook. Thanks.

~ Yaya

Yaya' s Home said...

That's the way I feel, Gutsy. If I plant the cans, do you think I could cut out the middleman... er, grocer?

~ Yaya

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