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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Shouting To The Masses

It has come to my attention that I have been shouting to the masses. Upon further investigation, however, I realize that the masses are a very small and loyal group who may or may not be enjoying the words I share.
As an author who continues to love writing, whether or not my words are read, I'm sure I will keep doing the writer's tap-dance, aka, pecking away at my computer keyboard. However, it does tend to make me wonder just where my words are traveling to, if no one is actually reading them.
Shakespeare said, "All the world's a stage," but if that's so, am I sending my thoughts only to be scrambled with others like mine? Do my words have merit and will I ever know the joy of someone's kind gesture at a comment to one of my posts? Time can only tell.
In the meatime, I am quite thrilled that I have had the opportunity, unlike my wonderful story-teller mama, to send the birth of my creativity out into the world for viewing. What a glorious time we live in! Send the words out. Search creations that others have posted. Find new and exciting bits of trivia and news that triggers the whole thing to start again.
I am quite sure that our ancestors must be amazed at our ability to think ourselves clever. That is, if our departed ancestors have the privilege to know how much fun we have in our modern world. I'm so thankful that I live now, rather than having to struggle as so many of those who laid the groundwork for my eventual joy in life.


Kristi Faith said...

I love this blog, it's a breath of fresh air, to just come and sit under the tree of knowledge. I sincerely love the way you 'shout to the masses' and I hope you don't take your gift with words and imagination away from us!

oh, and just for fun... "If the world's a stage, I want to operate the trap door." -Paul Beaty

Yaya' s Changing World said...

Thank you, Kristi. You may have the Blue Star as the first person to have written aa response on this blog. As a child, I often felt that I was 'Shouting To The Masses' when I chattered and it felt as if no one was really listening. That's what returned to my mind when I realized that no comments had been made to anything I was saying. No hurt feelings... just a curious sort of wonderment. Thanks for commenting. - Yaya

Donna M. McDine said...

Yaya...I'm here, I'm listening, I'm reading, don't go away. To build a following takes time and determination. Best wishes to you.


Lazy Writer said...

Well, I just read your writing, and it's beautiful. I wonder the same things sometimes, though. But I always come back to the fact that I'd write whether or not any other human being ever read my words.

I'm so glad you joined my blog. I'm following you, too, and I look forward to getting to know you better.

Caroline Starr Rose said...

Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement.

Yaya' s Changing World said...

Thank you for your lovely words. I feel the same; I write because I MUST. Because I love it. As excited as I am when others read anything I have enjoyed writing, acceptance only feeds my habit. It's an addiction I'm glad I have. My feeling is that you are just as happy with your addiction. :-) - Yaya

Yaya' s Changing World said...

The words were well-deserved, believe me. I'm enjoying reading your blog. Thanks for visiting.
- Yaya

Natalie said...

So much of what I write is never read by anyone, so I can totally relate. I love making friends through blogs, and I will be a frequent visitor from now on :)

Yaya' s Changing World said...

Thank you, Natalie. I hope your visits are rewarding. I'm learning, so any advice is always appreciated. Kudos. - Yaya

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