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Thursday, November 3, 2011

How Embarrassing!

     Well, that's embarrassing.  I must've done this drawing wrong.  Now, I'm gonna' hafta' go back an' see how I can do it better the next time.  I'm sorry that I did not post properly so someone coulda' won the prize.  Please bear with me.  I haven't done so many contests, so I kinda' in foreign territory here.

     I'm not allowed to run another contest for awhile, but hopefully, I'll be able to learn a little more before the next time so's someone will actually win the prize.

     I hope you all are doing well.  Are you ready for the holidays?  No?  Me, neither.  We sure did enjoy walking around our small town for Halloween, though.  I was amazed at how many kids were out an' about.  I think there must have been at least 200 kids going from door to door.

     You may not think that is so many, if you live in a big city.  But consider this; I live in a town of fewer than 200 people, according to the last census.  If there were more than 200 kids, uhm... where do the adults live?  Jus' wondering...

     Until the next time, keep a hug on.

 ~ Yaya

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Sharon K. Mayhew said...

It sounds like Halloween was a lot of fun. We ran out of candy at 8. I grabbed granola bars and little bags of chips to give out. Thankfully, no more kiddos came after 8. Our daughter was horrified at the thought of us giving out something other than candy. My husband suggested passing out cans of soup. LOL!

I don't know how to do anything real fancy on contests either. I only do the kind of contests. Then I count each persons comment and match them to the number. :)

Yaya' s Home said...

This is a great program that I was s'posed to give away, but no one entered to win. I like that there are so many different things that can be done with this program, other than scrapbooking. I'm gonna' be running the contest again, I think, but I hafta' wait awhile. Maybe by then, I'll have a little more knowledge 'bout how to promote it. Thanks for stopping by, Sharon.

~ Yaya

Lenny Lee* said...

hi miss yaya! i had lots of fun on halloween. i was a scary ghost. boo!! i got lots of candy. i did so much running round from house to house when i got home i plopped down in a chair and fell asleep. i didnt eat not one candy til the next day. ack! now i been eating some every day. for that contest stuff i hope you could try it again. i see where bloggers get others to help and post it on their blog so more people could know bout it. i hope you have a fun and happy weekend.
...hugs from lenny

Yaya' s Home said...

Thank you, Lenny, for all the good advice. I've been kind of out of practice blogging and I think you have given me some really good ideas. Thanks.

I'm so glad you had a good time on Halloween. That's surprising that you didn't eat any candy until the day after Halloween. I hope you got some good rest and you aren't eating too much candy at once. You sure wouldn't wanna' get sick from something as good as candy.

Thanks again for telling me how to make the drawing go better next time.

~ Yaya

Anonymous said...

So excited to chance on your blog. Anticipating frequent stopovers.

Muriel Essell is my name and I learned how to make puzzles on your blog today. Thanks sooo much.

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