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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fun in the sun, sand or sink... or, wherever you like to write

     Do you write?  I mean, are you a writer of, say, children's stories?  Or, maybe you like to write romance?  Are you a Cruciverbalist?  Perhaps there's a hidden Harry Potter in your heart?

      Well, I like to do it all.  Don't hold me back!  If it can be written, I'm a' gonna' try it.  Oh, wait!  I take that back.  When it comes to scary, I can get pretty creative in how many ways there are to hide out.  Blood and guts?  Nope!  Don't want any part of it.  And the 'S_ x' word?  Well, ya' know.

      But give me a good Golden Book to read and I'm off!  Look out, Pooh!  I'm gonna' read you.  Junie B. Jones?  You bet your sweet bones!  And of course, I try to read all the new ones that I can;  Bubble Homes and Fish Farts, Don't Let the Pigeon... (whatever the pigeon is trying to do at the time), Crocodaddy, Janoose the Goose and sooooooo many others.

     Now, here's the big question; how fast can you think?  I was just made aware of a really cooooool challenge and if you are into writing picture books , you might like to head on over there, too.  Its called PiBoIdMo.  Now, you understand completely, don't you?  hahahahaha.

     It means Picture Book Idea Month and Tara Lazar has come up with the greatest idea for those who aspire to writing picture books.  Come up with a new idea every day in the month of November.  I can't explain it all here, but if you head on over there, you can check it out.  Then, think fast.  Think really, really fast 'cause the end of the month is just a blink and a puff away.

     So, HURRY, already!


My name is PJ. said...

You writers are so far out of my league, it's as though I live on another planet. I do find you fascinating creatures though. I should have been a socio-anthropologist and done my thesis on the writers of yore...or the case may be.

Yaya' s Changing World said...

Oh, PJ. You don't even realize what an amazing writer you are. I am constantly impressed by how you are able to take this reader's emotions to the brim and back again. Don't sell yourself short.

That said, I must admit that being a writer does have its quirky moments and classing us as creatures is just about the right title, I'd say.

Loved your post, today. But then, I always do.

~ Yaya

Melanie said...

When I was a kid I would write stories. Now, I don't believe I could think clearly enough. I was never a drug user but have been asked several times if I was because my brain is fried. I can't think right. HaHa!

Thank you for your comments on my blog. I am so glad you commented because I absolutely love your blog.

My crazy cat.. well, I don't mean to write a book in your comments (lol) but my son found him when he was a dinky little kitten. He was dehydrated and had an infection in both eyes. I fed him every couple of hours for a week until he was strong enough to eat soft kitten food on his own. I still bottle fed him for a month. The vet ended up taking out one eye and found out his heart is in the wrong place and he is missing some ribs. He has breathing problems because his heart lays against his esophagus. He's my special kitty. =)

Yaya' s Changing World said...

I know I would love your cat, too. I once had a Siamese cat with six toes on each foot. At the same time, I had a Siamese/Persian cross with six toes on each foot. And one more; just a fluffy black cat, also with six toes on each foot.

My treasure was the black cat because of the way she loved me. When we lost her, my heart broke.

I love reading the things you write. Don't let lack of confidence stand in your way. I have Dyslexia and Adult ADD and it makes everything very confusing. As a result, I've learned to ask questions when I'm unsure of anything. Interestingly, I've also learned that most people are very willing to help. Without the challenges I have, I might never have learned how much goodness there is in the world.

You truly can write, if you want to. The first step is the hardest, but you do have the talent for it. ~ Yaya
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