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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Gramma' carried a BIG pistol

     When my gramma' was just a girl, she learned to use a gun with apparent accuracy and... NO FEAR.  I've often wondered what was behind her learning such a skill and wished I could have talked her into telling me more of what her life was like before she was my gramma'.
     For all of her size ~ ~ ~ she was 4'11'' tall, or there abouts, she was the kind of person that people didn't mess with.  For starters, she always carried a BIG pistol.  To fire that pistol, she would throw her left arm up for support and balance the pistol across that arm.  The joke was that the pistol was bigger than she was, even when she was an adult.

     I recall hearing of one incident when someone thought he was gonna' hurt someone my gramma' cared about.  That was one thing.  Once you found your way into Gramma's heart, Outsiders did not have the option of saying or doing anything that Gramma' perceived as ugly.
     Anyway, this outsider thought that he was gonna' hurt someone whom my gramma' cared about.  When she threw that pistol over her arm for balance, he laughed and said she didn't have the nerve to pull the trigger.  In fact, he said that just before she pulled the trigger and shot a hole in his shirt, so close that he felt the air whistle by as the bullet whizzed through.  See, that was another thing that my gramma' didn't take kindly to; a dare.

     Do you know some of the colorful stories from your family's past?  I do hope you write them down so they won't be forgotten.  Its a shame to realize how many memorable incidents have been forgotten because no one wrote them down.


My name is PJ. said...

Joany, this is priceless! I hope it's included in your family history!

I love a woman (from any point in history) who doesn't take anyone's guff.

Yaya' s Changing World said...

Good morning, PJ,
Thanks so much for stopping by. I don't know if you noticed that I did finally answer some of the comments that I had missed answering.

Oh, yes. I have many stories in my family history. Mostly, I write them in letters and keep them as journal entries (that look suspiciously like letters), but I am trying to write all of the things I can remember.

I'm afraid I did not take after my mama and my gramma'. Whereas they would have fought the dirt if it had squared-off with them, I tend to shy away from that. However, I am getting better at it. I only recently realized that if someone pushes the right button, I jump in with all fours. ~ Yaya

Amy Tate said...

A friend of mine, (Blue Ridge Gal blog) wrote about a diary that she found. To make a long story short, there was a lady in that diary from the mid 1800s who always carried a gun in her basket. That's hilarious! It makes me wonder why she felt the need! Family history is the best source for inspiration. Mine pops up in my writing all the time. I could never run out of ideas.

Yaya' s Changing World said...

Hi Amy,
I know enough stories about my gramma' to realize why she could handle a weapon so well. What always amazed me was how casually Gramma' would slip into her story-telling hat and just casually mention things like shooting the ghost or beating my grampa's brains in. Gramma' seemed to be the kind of person everyone wanted to take care of, but I don't think she ever really needed that, ya' know? ~ Yaya

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