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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Being sick is good for me?

     Today, I slept. I don't often have that luxury, as I have a great deal of difficulty sleeping. Apparently, though, feeling ill is good for me and lets me sleep. Go figure. Blessings come in strange characters, I guess.

     I am reminded of my little gramma' and how we used to  get such a chuckle frrom her sleeping difficulties.  She had a sleep disorder to the point that we never knew when she would fall asleep.  Many times, she would have a forkful of food lifted to her mouth and her mouth wide open, when without warning, the need to doze would overtake her.  My poor gramma'.  There she would be with her mouth open wide, eyes closed and gently snoring.  It must have been awful for her.  She could never plan because she never could set a proper schedule.

     I wonder if, in the hereafter, she has managed to regulate her waking hours and her sleep time?  I hope so.  She was always so tired that I sincerely hope she has been able to catch up on her rest.

     Are you plagued by difficulty in your sleep pattern?  If you are one of those fortunate people who lives by some sort of a schedule, be thankful.  There is more to that than meets the eye.  Keep a hug on.



Angelia Almos said...

Yeah, my husband can fall asleep in his recliner and falls asleep within five minutes of going to bed. I on the other hand know that it takes a good hour to two before I can fall asleep, if I'm lucky, and must nights it is in and out of sleep for me. But you do get used to it and explains why I am not a morning person and why it takes so long for us to get going in our day unless I have a morning appointment I can't miss.

mnmspecial said...

I wish I slept well when I get sick, but I can't shake my 2am bed time no matter how I try. My husband is in bed by 9pm every night and it drives me nuts. Hope you feel better soon.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Feel better, glad you are getting some rest! Happy New Year!

Jo said...

I sometimes get insomnia, but I have a friend who can fall asleep during the middle of a conversation. Then he starts to dream, and he talks about his dream. It's a hoot. It would be wonderful to sleep like that.

I hope you feel better soon, and get some rest.

You have a fabulous blog...!

Karen said...

Happy New Year!! I hope you feel better ASAP - being sick is no way to start a new year, although feeling awful from a virus is better than feeling awful from too much celebrating! :)

Loved your comment to my Norene post over at Ancestor Soup. Getting Norene and her sisters in my genealogy program added about 37 new surnames... ha ha ha...

My name is PJ. said...

I don't sleep like regular folk, but it's nothing like your sleep pattern! Gramma was narcoleptic too? Is it hereditary? I really don't know very much about it at all.

In the hereafter, all our ailments are non-existent. We leave that body behind. It's like the best news anyone ever gave me!

You need chicken soup! Rest and chicken soup! I really, really, really hope you feel better each and every day until you're back up to snuff again.

Happy New Year, my friend!

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