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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Fifth Day of Christmas

     Children love gifts made especially for them.  Most of the gifts I've suggested can be given to either a boy or a girl.  Today, I have something that just about anyone can make.  And almost any girl, of any age, is going to fall in love with it.

     Are you someone who saves old pillow socks, even when they no longer match anything?  You are?  Oh, good!  Then, you are gonna' love making this gift.  The nice thing about this is that you can make these, even if you only have pillow socks for those very small travel pillows.  In fact, if you have two pillow socks of different sizes, you may wish to make a pair.

     Here are the supplies you'll need:
          One clean, used Pillow Sock
          Two clean, used Washcloths
          One clean, used Towel
          One clean, used Ankle Sock
          Twine or yarn, in colors, if possible

     Begin by folding your pillow sock in half, length-wise to establish the center.  Now, open one of the washcloths and lay it flat.  Starting at one corner, roll the washcloth somewhat loosely until it is one long length.  Then, fold the washcloth in half and center it inside the pillow sock, at the closed end.

     Next, using the twine or yarn, close the pillow sock around the outside of what is now the doll's head.  Roll the second washcloth the same way you did the first and place it from one corner of the pillow sock to the other corner.  Again using the string, secure the arms at the shoulders.
     After securing the arms, fold the towel in half, as if you were going to begin folding it and putting it away.  Then, fold it about two-thirds up, the same direction, until you feel that it is a good size for a doll's body.  Insert, lengthwise, into the pillow sock.  Below the chest area, tie the string around the body to create the effect of a buxom.  Lift the skirt and secure the lower part of the towel with the string so it won't come loose.

     If you choose, you may also tie a loop about three inches from the bottom of the pillow sock, as though the doll were wearing a babys' nightgown.  Otherwise, leave it to hang loose, like a dress.  Finally, turn your clean sock inside-out and place it on the head of the doll, making sure to put the heal over the crown of the head.  Fold the open part of the sock up, over the forehead to create something that looks like a scarf.  I've chosen not to give my doll a face, although if you wish to, a permanent marker or stitches would certainly work well.

     The reason I didn't create a face is two-fold.  One, I believe in encouraging imagination whenever possible and two, when the doll gets dirty, she can be taken apart, washed and rebuilt without worrying about making sure the face is in the right place.

     A poem, a story and some games,
     Day four, give glory when you pray.
     But for Day Five your Christmas gift
     Will hold a treasure with a kiss.

     Even a child can assemble this doll for someone and that was my reason for not sewing any of the parts.  I have used rubber bands on this doll because the twine is in the garage... outside... in the scary dark.  Tomorrow, I will replace the rubber bands with twine, kiss the doll and send this Yaya Gift to one of my girls, along with a very short story.  Do you have a special little girl who would love such a treasure?


My name is PJ. said...

This is a darling idea. Back in the day some mom's made 'handkerchief dolls' - similar idea - so that young children could bring them to church and no sound would be made if they fell to the floor.

Yaya' s Changing World said...

Thank you. That's sort of where I got the idea. I wanted to make it so it didn't have to be sewn and big enough so a small child could feel very involved. I think they actually called those Church Dolls. ~ Yaya

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