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Friday, February 5, 2010

Going, Going, What Next?

     Before we moved, we lived in an apartment that I very much liked.  In it, there was one room which I claimed as my office.  This office was small, about 8'x10', and I used it for everything I did.  My computer, being a major focus in my life, was the most-often used toy in that room and I had a friend who would kindly teach me as much as she could.  The going was sometimes rough, however, as I struggled to comprehend all that she tried to share.

     In said office, I also had two desks (one had doors on the front), two large decorative metal shelves, one small shelf to match, one tall wooden bookshelf, two file cabinets (one short, one tall), crafting tools, toys for the grandies to play with and a stack of short bookshelves.  This stack was convenient to my desk and well-used.  The ceilings were ten feet high and we used every inch of space.

     For the supplies I had in my office, the room was small.  My dream, when I moved, was to acquire a room large enough to accommodate all of my tools for writing, crafting, sewing, stamping and whatever else struck my fancy.  I like being busy and I like creating.

     Now, don't get me wrong with what I am about to say.  I love my house.  I love it like I have never, ever loved anyplace I have lived.  However, the office I now have is roughly half the size of my former office.  I still have four bookshelves... well, six, if you count the two short ones, side by side.  I also have a legal-sized file cabinet and a larger desk than I had before.

     Knowing that we are going to be moving, again, this makes me wonder what my next office will be like.  Stay tuned, as you may witness the miracle of closet-creation when I discover that I am forced to write, sew, craft, stamp and enjoy my grandies in an office the size of which has not been heretofore attempted.  I think I'm beginning to anticipate the challenge with some small degree of excitement.

     Until the next time, keep a hug on.



Lynn Anne Bemis said...

Morning, I'm over here behind the stack of books. Do you see me? Count up five Golden Books and look to the left. ::waving::
It makes you wonder when the laws of physics set the world in motion. Will we then have to call you Alice? Alice in Yaya's World.
I have a closet between my bedroom and my writing room. It's ceiling is the stairwell to upstairs. I often think about what a great writing room it would be once I empted everything I recently shoved in there.
I'll keep checking back to see how this turns out.

Zeebralynn Harvey B.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I had the most wonderful roo in my old house before we moved. It was 14 X 14 with 10' ceiling. It had a little nook at one end that was almost the exact size of a double mattress. Built a loft with narrow stairs to get to the bed and I could easily walk under the bed. I set up my sewing machine under the loft bed and had one entire wall of the room with floor to ceiling shelves to hold my fabrics! It was like shopping when I decided to sew. I kept all my patterns and craft items on the other walls leaving the floor space open except for my ever present ironing board and sewing tables (yes, two of them). The bed area had enough space for a "head board" that had a reading lamp and some books for the grands. Also mounted a small TV on the wall high enough for the bed (and high enough to not get in my shelf space!). I miss that room......

My name is PJ. said...

Do you guys have a target date to begin house hunting? Do you have a specific area you'd like to live in? Are you going to move to a milder area of the country?

I once had a home office in a closet and I loved it. Peak efficiency and with the closing of the double doors, you never knew it was there!

Karen said...

Yaya, these small office spaces really make us learn some incredible organizational skills, don't they? My last little "nook" was about 5 x 8".

Will this be a "big" move (across country?) or a smaller move?

Anonymous said...

At our new house I'm going to have a room just for crafting!!! I'm soooooooooo excited!

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