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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Two Miracles In One Day!

     Don't you just loooooove Blog Valley?  Yesterday, I was given two gifts, because I blog, that I might never have known about, otherwise.  Here in Blog Valley, we enjoy something that none of our predecessors ever had; friendships that were previously beyond our reach.

     If you happened to wander by, yesterday, you may have enjoyed learning about the Orphan Trains that changed history for 75 years.  It was a most amazing time in American history and one which continues to intrigue me.

     Marilyn, a follower and frequent visitor, was here and said that she had not heard of the Orphan Trains.  I visited her home on the web and was rewarded with extremely good news.  In fact, you just may want to rejoice with Marilyn when you pop over to her house and read how excited she is.  Congratulations, Marilyn!  Our prayers have been answered.  I am truly thankful.

     But the good news did not stop there.  No, I was further excited when someone new wandered onto the scene, specifically to comment about my subject of choice; Orphan Trains.  So there I was, minding my own business and chatting about a subject of which I am passionate.  I asked if anyone's lives had been affected by the appearance of Orphan Trains in America and POOF!  Was I really thinking anyone would answer yes to such a question?  Of course not. 

     But did I learn even more than I knew, before?  You bet your sweet bippy, I did and you will, too, if you go to her blog.  In fact, Donna's grampa' was an Orphan Train Traveler!!!  And Donna came to MY little home on the web!  Can you believe it?

     So be sure to visit Marilyn and congratulate her on her wonderful, outstanding good news.  And head over to Donna's house and check out the story about her grampa' and many others who took part in  a remarkable era in American history.  Until the next time, keep a hug on.



Anonymous said...

Mornin' Sweetie!!
Thanks so much for sharing my good news. I can't begin to tell you how relieved I am & BTW I had a VERY good nights sleep last night. Probably the best in many months!!
Today is my day..... DH is out for a couple of days & I plan on just doing some needlework & just regrouping!!
Take Care....
Love Ya',

My name is PJ. said...

You always share the most interesting stuff, Joany!

Amy said...

Yes, blogging is fun. I am having my Round Robin if you want to join in on Friday 2.12

Jae said...

The orphan trains were definitely an interesting piece of American history - there are so many missing pieces - our history texts leave out!!

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled upon your blog via Michelle S.'s blog. For a different take on orphan trains, check out Finn's blog. She is a (fellow) quilter who makes quilts inspired by the orphan train. Her link to the orphan train blog is on the right side.

Kim in KY--sorry I don't have blog

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