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Saturday, March 27, 2010

What IS That, Anyway?

     I've been gone from Bloggy World for a few days.  As a dedicated writer, I find myself happily faced with deadlines and new venues for writing.  Blogging has become one of my very favorite activities and I thank my Heavenly Father, every single day, for this new way of meeting and making friends with so many wonderful people.

     I'd like to introduce you to the world that bloglandia has become to me.  Picture, if you can, a quiet, sort of quiet, not entirely quiet, shy, slightly outspoken, rather talkative author and cruciverbalist, sitting home with her good hubby-buddy, writing stories that might be read by as many as twenty, twelve, one person.

     There she was, whiling away her life, with no one to visit and no one to talk to, except Hubby-Buddy, who didn't really talk all that much.  So, she wrote stories and dabbled in cruciverbalist games.

     What?  What's that you're asking?  What's a cruciverbalist?  You don't know what a cruciverbalist is?  Have you been here before?  Unh, huh.  So, this is your first time here?  Oh.  Well, then I guess you haven't heard me tell about what I do, have you?  Have a seat, there, why don'tcha'?

     You see, I am an author.  I have always thought of myself as an author...

     What?  You can't tell that I'm an author from my writing?  You don't think I'm a real author?  What do you do?  You're an astronaut?  Unh, huh.  You're an astronaut.  You're not wearing one-uh those funny little suitsWhy should I think you're an astronaut?  Just fly in from space, did you?

     Just take my word for it; I'm an author.  I was published in the family newsletter, I'll have you knowThat means I've been published, so I'm an author, thank you very much.  You just haven't been reading my work long enough to recognize my writing or you would know that I'm an author.  You still wanna' know what a cruciverbalist is?  You do?  Okay, then, no more interruptions.

     You ever read the Sunday Paper and do the crossword puzzle?  How about a word search puzzle?  You like doing them?  There are lots and lots of different kinds of word puzzles and that's where a cruciverbalist comes in.  See, the person who creates word puzzles or does them a lot is called a cruciverbalist.  And that's what I do; create word puzzles.

     What?  You haven't seen any evidence that I'm a cruciverbalist, either?  You will, you will.  In fact, if you come back, I'll show you where you can see several of my puzzles.  If you keep cutting in, though, I might not tell ya'.

     Now, where was I?  Oh, yeah; the beautiful place that is Bloglandia.  Let's see, now.  How do I explain this so you get the real picture?  hmmmmm.  Oh, here ya' go:

     Once upon a time, a girl with red hair, riding in a Little Red Wagon, loved to play in her back yard.  Her very favorite thing to do was to play in her sandbox.  She played with cars and trucks.  She played with shovels and scoops.  Sometimes, she even pretended to take her dolly to the beach in her sandbox.  She had heard that the beach was a marvelous and magical place to visit, but never having been to a beach, the little girl with red-hair could only imagine how wonderful it must be.

     One day, the little red-haired girl was invited to a party at the beach.  She was told to bring a towel and to wear her bathing suit.  When she finally arrived, she was so surprised that she almost couldn't breathe.  The beach was more wonderful than anything she had ever imagined.  No matter which direction she looked, the sandbox went on forever.  There were people building castles and some who were digging holes; BIG holes.  Some people were running up and down the beach and others were playing in the water.  The little girl with red-hair vowed that she could never feel this much happiness again, in her entire life.

     Many years later, after writing yet one more story for an audience of twelve, one, she stumbled onto a brand new world on the internet; Bloggy World.  Upon entering Bloglandia, the little girl with red-hair was filled with joy such as she had not felt since that first visit to the beach.

     With a blog, the girl with red-hair could write every single day, if she wanted to.  And not only did no one try to stop her, but some people actually came to visit and read what she had written.  In case you haven't figured out the end of the story, here it is: 

     The girl with red hair, riding in the Little Red Wagon began going to Bloglandia nearly every day to write and she lived happily, ever after.

     And that's how I feel about finding Bloglandia.  Until the next time, keep a hug on.

 ~ Yaya


My name is PJ. said...

I know you as an whose emails are potential standalone blog posts. You can't get more author-y than that! Great post!

Yaya' s Changing World said...

Thank you, PJ. Your support and encouragement mean more to me than you know. I have found that when I am writing, I will forget everything else; eating, sleeping, playing. Well, that is, unless my grandies are around. Then, my attention is all on them.

~ Yaya

sissie said...

Yep, your an author alright. You know how I know? Because PJ says you are and that's proof enough.

All kidding aside, you are a very creative, fun writer and I enjoyed ready your post.

Thanks too for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I know about you now and will be back often.


Kristi Faith said...


Karen said...

Enjoyed your post, as always. And now I know what a cruca..crucibera.. ummm, that thing, is. I assumed it had something to do with words! :) Have a wonderful day!

Mikki said...

Thanks, Yaya, for defining cruci...crucy...that that word is that means you write puzzles. I can't even pronounce it, much less spell it! Love your blog, as always. Don't get here very often, due to time constraints, but you never disappoint me when I do get here!
Hugs and many of them...

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