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Friday, January 17, 2014

Ridin' the Blogger Bull

 Rodeo Bull Riding
Yaya's Home Log Entry:     Friday ~ January 17, 2014 ~ 7:36 AM

     Well... THAT didn't work.  Somehow, I never quite felt at home when I tried to fit-in to my new home on the web.  For starters, I missed all my old friends an' how you used to come an' visit an' have hot cocoa an' homemade virtual cookies with me.  Then, there was the whole thing of how I couldn't seem to find anything.  You know; things like the towels, the washcloths, the linens or, even... the Linen Closet!!!

     So, I am back an' I hope you all have not forgotten me.  I have a new focus... or, nine... an' I'm ready to take this ol' world by the horns an' see if I can't tame it.  Won't you come along an' see which one of us survives?  Me... or the bull?  I live in 'Cowboy Country' an' after watching so many of those bull riders enter the pen an' walk away with most of their body parts, still intact... well, I think I jus' might be able to DO this thing!

     That said, ya'll grab yer hat an' boots an' let's tame this virtual rodeo; aka, bloggin' world.  Whaddya' say?  Wanna' join me?  I sure hope so.

     Until the next time, keep a hug on.
 ~ Yaya

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