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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Peeping Yaya

     Don't you jus' love it when you find somethin' wunnerful that you can share with others?  I've been lookin' around an' doin' some checkin' here an' there an' guess what?  I'm not the only one.  Yeah; true story.  At least, that's the way it would seem by my very involved investigative research.  [read:  I di'n't feel like doin' what I shoulda' been doin', so checkin'-out other blogs seemed like a great way to avoid havin' ta' do anything, whilst still feelin' like I was accomplishing something.]

     So, here's the scoop:  I've spent a very long time peekin' in other blog windows, particularly those that had anything at all to do with homemaking, housekeeping, families or anything else that looked like it might offer tidbits of useful advice.  I s'pose you're beginning to wonder what I'm talkin' about, aren't you?

     Well, my good hubby-buddy (jewel that he is) very kindly offered to take care of everything when we moved into our big ol' 1906 Sears & Roebuck Kit House and he asked only that I take care of my office.  That way, I could do the one thing I've always wanted to do; write.  Isn't he just such a treasure?  He said that was his way of thanking me for all the times I've supported him in things he wanted to do.

     ::Blink, blink.  S'cuse me whilst I wipe my eyes; I seem to have somethin' in both of 'em::  *sniff*
     'Course, bein' the good an' appreciative wife that I am, I did just as he asked.  Mostly.  Sorta'.

     Ya' know how sometimes things sneak up on you while you're not lookin'?  Well, that's just what happened to me and I am here to tell you, it snuck up with a vengeance!  Who knew that while I was mindin' my own business writing, creating puzzles an' starin' at my computer alla' time, my office would develop a system of CHAOS?  Its rude, I tell ya'.

     That's when I got the idea to go peekin' in other blog windows.  An' ya' know what I found?  There are lots of other bloggers who are faced with the same kinda' rude houses;  CHAOS ensues.

     Then, I wandered over by one home on the web and it was so delightful that I jus' hadda' make myself comfortable on the windowsill to observe.  Inside were lottsa' happy people, chatting and carryin' on like they really knew how to go at this whole business of life and takin' care of their homes and families.  I know, right?

     As I investigated further, I was amazed to realize that the home I had found was not just one home, but many, scattered all over the place.  They have a leader, of course, and I decided to keep watchin' on accounta' I want my writer's den to run as smoothly as all those other places do.  I've only been lurking around the edges, but already things are better.

     I'm very fortunate to have only one room to look after.  My good hubby-buddy is doin' an outstanding job with all the rest.  Still, it occurred to me that summa' you might like to know about this great place, so, here's the link to learn more.

      Nope!  I'm not benefitting by sharing this with you in any way.  That is, unless you count the fact that my office is beginning to show signs of efficiency and I'm not as stressed out as I used to be.  I do hope you will go take a peek 'cause there's an awfully lot of harmony being created.  Maybe I'll see ya' over there sometime, eh?

     Until the next time, keep a hug on.

 ~ Yaya


Polly said...

You are such a sweetheart, the real thing!! I love the little home on the web you speak of as I have found things I thought were lost forever and am so happy to see the sun glinting on my clean stainless steel sink that once was littered with gunky dishes, remnants of last night's meal still clinging to them!! Almost identical words spring from my lips when I speak of my children, grandchildren and now, 5 little angels, my great grand children!! I love your blog!!

Yaya' s Home said...

I emailed you, but forgot to respond to your comments, here.

Don't you jus' love Fly Lady an' how she breaks things down into pieces that make us believe? I'm actually kinda' slow in makin' it work, but my progress is steady, nonetheless.

I tried to get my adult children to play along on accounta' I need moral support. A couple of 'em agreed, but that's about as far as it went. 'Course, they don't seem to have the difficulties that I do, so maybe they jus' don't feel the need to adjust.

Me? I need to adjust... a LOT. LOL

~ Yaya

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